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Report a Pothole

It’s spring and during our road clean-up efforts, we know a number of potholes are coming to light, and with that, a crew is dedicated to address this issue in the areas noted on Leduc’s arterials and main roadways. However, the city could use your help to identify any potholes in residential neighbourhoods.

Please let us know by reporting it online through our Report It tool.

Spring Cleaning

Public Services spring cleaning operations usually begin in April and end in May (timelines can be impacted by weather/equipment breakdowns). The city uses specialized equipment for the spring clean-up including 2 road sweepers, 2 tandem trucks, 1 skidsteer with bucket and sweeper attachments, and 11 park mowers/sweepers. Seasonal staffing is enhanced as necessary, with 40 summer students starting in May and ending in the late summer.

Spring clean-up includes:

  • Removal of sand and debris from boulevards and medians .
  • Sweeping of the downtown, parking lots and other high traffic areas. These are done prior to residential areas. High traffic areas such as 50 Street are typically done during the night to reduce traffic congestion and dust complaints.
  • Residential street cleaning includs an initial pickup of rock chips along the centerline of the road. The rock chips are evaluated for quality and contamination and may be reused for next winter if deemed suitable.
  • Sweeping to clean sand and garbage collected in the road gutters. To assist the public, portable signs are placed in areas scheduled for cleaning. A complete street cleaning of the city can take up to 2 months from start to finish (April-May).
  • Application of sand, salt and rock chips to the streets in the event of a winter storm occurring in the middle of street cleaning cycle. Cleaning resumes with major roads done first. This may delay residential street cleaning in some areas.
  • Repair of turf damage and sweeping of multi-ways.
  • Collection/mulching of leaves and branches located in park areas.
  • Clean up of all litter.

Do your part to help keep our city clean by sweeping any debris (rock chips/sand, but not grass and leaves) from your sidewalks into the gutter for the sweepers to pick up. This, along with moving your vehicles off the roadway while street cleaning signs are up, greatly helps city staff do a thorough job. Thank you for making Leduc a safe and clean place to live!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report a pothole or other road/sidewalk damage?
Your safety is important to us. To report a pothole, use the online Report It feature or call Public Services at 780-980-7133.

Who do I call when a street light is burnt out or not working?
Street lights are handled by Fortis Alberta. You can report a street light outage by calling Fortis Alberta at 780-310-9473.

Who do I call when a traffic light is burnt out or not working?
Although the City of Leduc provides regular maintenance on all traffic lights, there are sometimes outages. To report a burnt out or faulty traffic light, use the online Report It feature or call Public Services at 780-980-7108.

Why isn't my street plowed or swept?
The city strives to maintain all roads during the winter months. Crews run 24 hours a day during the winter months. There is a priority list of areas that must first be completed before moving on to lower priority areas.

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