Collection Calendar & Routes

The city offers utility customers a weekly collection schedule which includes the collection of waste, blue bag recyclables and organics.

Be ready by 7am

Collection starts at 7am, so your carts and blue bags must be in place by then. If you’re late, your carts may not be emptied that week. Carts and blue bags are picked up by different trucks so they are not picked up at the same time – but will be by 7pm.

Call the Eco-smart Hotline at 780-980-7107 immediately if you believe your cart was missed on collection day. Your prompt call increases the likelihood that a truck can return to empty your cart.

Collection Routes

The handy collection route map lets residents know which day of the week their curbside collection takes place. The map is coded by neighbourhood for easy reference.

  • Carts are collected from the back alley or the front street, depending on access. If you are uncertain about your collection location, call the Eco-smart Hotline at 780-980-7107.
  • Carts for new customers are delivered to the location that they will be picked up from.
  • Blue bags are collected weekly year round.
  • Waste is collected every second week year round.
  • Organics are collected every second week in the winter and weekly from late April to mid-November. For specific dates, check your collection calendar.
  • The Eco Station takes electronic waste, household hazardous waste, clothing and additional bags of waste year round.

Get Your Collection Calendar

Collection calendars are a valuable resource for keeping track of the proper cart to put out on collection day, special collections throughout the year, and tips for ensuring recyclables, organics and waste are collected. New utility customers receive a full information package with collection calendar when their curbside carts are delivered.

2019 (effective as of Feb. 1, 2019)

>> Monday Schedule

>> Tuesday Schedule

>> Wednesday Schedule

>> Thursday Schedule

>> Friday Schedule

Paper Calendar

Paper calendars are available from the following locations during regular business hours. Paper calendars can be mailed out to residents who have difficulty accessing one of the distribution locations by calling 780-980-7107. Calendars are also printed in the City Guide.

Leduc Civic Centre
1 Alexandra Park

Leduc Recreation Centre
4330 Black Gold Drive

Leduc Public Library
2 Alexandra Park

Telford House
4907 - 46 Street

City of Leduc Operations Building
4300 - 56 Avenue

Eco Station
6102 - 46 Street

Sort Smart App Calendar (version 4.0 - 2018 Calendar Updated)

PLEASE NOTE: Currently the collection information in the APPLE 3.0 version is disabled until further notice. Please refer to the waste collection calendars for collection details. The waste sorting tool will continue to work on the current APPLE 3.0 version.

For residents on the go, the Leduc Sort Smart collection phone app offers both detailed sorting information as well as access to a collection day map - and your next-day collection schedule.

The Android Sort Smart 3.0 app has recently been updated to Sort Smart 4.0 with the 2018 collection map and schedule. To update your app you must first remove the current version (3.0 or earlier) and then install the new 4.0 versionfrom Google PlayStore.

In addition to the app, the latest curbside collection calendars are available for download, or you can pick up a calendar at any of the City of Leduc facilities. For sorting information, you can download the A-Z Sort Smart database.  

Collection Frequency

Black waste cart

Collected every 2 weeks

Green organics cart

Collected weekly from the 3rd week in April through the 3rd week in November. Collection every 2 weeks from the 3rd week in November through the 3rd week in April.

Blue recycle bags

Collected weekly

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