Wildfire Prevention

The City of Leduc works to mitigate the risk of wildfires from occuring on public property and spreading to private property through regular park maintenance and grass cutting. In naturalized environmental reserve areas, the City maintains a buffer grass cut to create a defensible space that reduces the risk of wildfire spreading. This minimizes fuel for wildfire and ensures accessbility for emergency response teams in case of wildfire incidents. 

How to make homes safe from fire

Wildfires can spread in four ways: sparks or embers, radiant heat (as close as 30 metres/ 98 ft. from a structure) and direct flame

Enhance the safety of your home: 

  • Regularly remove debris from roof and gutters
  • Close the spaces under decks to avoid accumulation of windblown debris
  • Regularly maintain your yard

Fires need fuel to grow

Causes of fire can include:

  • Improper disposal of smoking material, such as using planters for cigarette butts and tossing butts out the window of a vehicle (or while walking)
  • Accumulated dry debris around the exhaust of a vehicle, all-terrain vehicle (ATV) and yard maintenance equipment
  • Spark and/or flame producing tools or appliances
  • Fireworks (it is illegal to set off fireworks in the City of Leduc without a permit)
  • Backyard firepits

Ensure your backyard fire pit is as safe as possible:

  • Keep water (e.g. a garden hose or bucket) nearby and ready to douse your fire pit when you're finished using it
  • Never leave a fire pit unattended, and do not leave it to burn out on its own
  • More info: Backyard firepit safety 

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