Public Engagement

Public engagement is about when and how members of the public contribute to decisions made by the municipality. 

It plays a critical role in good governance and involves inviting public input on issues/decisions and considering that input when making decisions. Public engagement gives people the opportunity to contribute to decisions that impact them, know their input is valued, and feel welcome/safe to share their ideas and perspectives. 

Conducting meaningful public engagement is one way that the City helps ensure Leduc is a place where people want to live. It plays a role in enhancing citizen engagement, which is included as a key strategy in the 2023–2026 Strategic Plan and will be incorporated into various City projects over the next four years.  

Current public engagement opportunities 

2025 Budget Planning Survey – May 1 to 31, 2024 
Leduc City Council and administration value the input we receive from our residents, and we need your perspectives to help shape our growth and set financial priorities. The annual budget survey is a key opportunity for residents and community members to have their voices heard and provide direct guidance to the City on where they feel budget funds should be spent. We want to build a balanced, responsible budget that reflects the needs and shared vision of our community members, so your input is important! All survey participants will be entered into a random prize draw for a $150 gift card to the local business of their choice. Options to take part in the survey can be found on the Budget page. 

Long-term  engagement projects

Urban Centre Redevelopment Plan  

The Urban Centre Redevelopment Plan (UCRP) is a two-year project with the goal of providing a land use guide for the revitalization and redevelopment of Leduc’s central neighbourhoods. This area is referred to as the Urban Centre and is made up of Alexandra Park Neighbourbood, the Central Business District and Telford House. The City of Leduc is currently in the planning phase of the project, and is seeking feedback from residents, businesses, and community groups on draft plan components that were developed using input received during the first round of public engagement back in May 2023. Phase two engagement was completed in March 2024 with results to be shared later in the year. 

Transportation Master Plan (TMP) Update
The TMP is a long-term plan for the city’s transportation network. The TMP update will ensure we have a relevant and critical plan in making wise investment choices in our transportation infrastructure. This includes roads, sidewalks, trails, transit and goods movement, as these decisions will shape the future mobility of our city. Share your thoughts and insights on how we can continue to plan and build a transportation network that will serve a safe, healthy community and robust economy. Results will be shared in a What We Heard Report in 2024. 

Municipal Development Plan (MDP) Update
The MDP was last updated in 2020 but constrained by the Airport Vicinity Protection Area (AVPA) regulations at the time. In 2022, the AVPA regulation was amended to enable sustainable growth and densification of the City of Leduc, making another update to the MDP an important next step for planning how the community will grow and develop. Proposed updates to the MDP are aimed at aligning with the AVPA changes to support future development in the revised contour areas. Results were shared in a What We Heard Report from engagement done in May 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is public engagement? 
Public engagement refers to when and how members of the public interact with the City to contribute to decisions made by the municipality. 

Why should I engage? 
Engagement is extremely important as it allows members of the public to contribute to the decision-making processes that have an impact on their day-to-day lives. It provides the City with valuable feedback (and direction in some cases), that creates a deeper connection between the municipality and community members.  

Does the City have an engagement policy? 
Yes, the City has a Public Engagement Policy that is available to the public for review. The policy provides direction to Administration to ensure the City establishes and employs a consistent, coordinated and outcome driven approach to public engagement.

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