Parking Control

Enforcement Services keep our city safe and administer the Traffic Bylaw within Leduc.

Parking Bylaw Highlights

A person shall not stop or park a vehicle:

  • On a sidewalk or boulevard or in a way that obstructs or encroaches on a sidewalk
  • In a parking space that is designated for the use of persons with disabilities unless the vehicle displays a valid handicap placard on the inside rearview mirror
  • Within 5m from a stop sign or yield sign
  • Within 1.5m from a private road, driveway or access to a garage
  • On a designated snow route when a parking ban has been declared
  • In a restricted residential parking area without an authorized permit displayed on the inside rearview mirror
  • A commercial vehicle exceeding 8,000kg and/or 12.5m in overall length on a private driveway or roadway other than a truck route
  • Within 5m from a crosswalk
  • At any place where a sign does not allow stopping or parking
  • In such a manner to block, obstruct, impede or hinder pedestrian or vehicle traffic
  • On a roadway with an expired license plate
  • In an alley, unless a sign allows parking
  • In any manner other than both right wheels of the vehicle not more than 0.5m from the right curb
  • Or detach a trailer from a vehicle and park it on a roadway
  • In any location identified as a fire lane, emergency access zone or otherwise being for the use of emergency vehicles

Abandoned Vehicles

A vehicle can be parked a maximum of 72 hours on any residential roadway. After 72 consecutive hours, the vehicle is considered to be abandoned and may be removed.

RV Parking

RV parked on private property RV parked on public roadways
May 1 - October 15: Recreation vehicles can be parked on a front driveway of a private property, as long as the
sidewalks are not blocked. Some exceptions may apply
for side and rear lots.
RVs cannot be parked over 72 hours and cannot return before 48 hours have passed.
RV: motor home, camper, travel trailer,
tent trailer, boats and utility trailers
RV: motor home, camper, a travel trailer, a tent trailer, boats and utility trailers
Fine: $500 Fine: Fines start at $50; vehicle can be towed
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