Public Skate Guidelines

Your guide to having an enjoyable, fun, and safe ice skating experience at the LRC!

Admission: Proof of admission is required; patrons must wear an LRC wristband at all times on the ice.  

Skate Supervision: To keep our public skating opportunities a safe and enjoyable place, during Public Skate patrons 7 years of age and younger must be actively supervised by a responsible person 14 years of age or older with a ratio of 1:4. During Family Skate, an adult (18+) must actively participate with all children and youth 17 years of age or under with a ratio of 1:4. Any parent/guardian that is supervising a person ages 7 years or under must be on the ice with skates. Shoes/outdoor footwear is not permitted on the ice.

Skate Safe: We value the safety and wellness of all our patrons, which is why we strongly encourage all skaters to wear a helmet, and skaters 12 years of age and under MUST wear a CSA certified helmet. Skates are required to be worn by all patrons while on the ice surface.

Avoid Collisions: To avoid collisions all skaters should travel in the same direction around the ice avoiding excessive speed, backwards skating, and games. If you are a speedy skater stay along the boards while slower skaters should stay towards the centre of the ice.

Public Skating Reminders: To keep everyone safe objects such as sticks, rings, and pucks are not permitted on the ice. Public skate is a leisure opportunity not intended for training such as ice hockey, figure skating, drills, and timing. Please avoid spitting on the ice, wrestling, rough play, and foul language.

Skating is for Everyone:

  • Wheelchairs: Our arenas are wheelchair accessible to encourage everyone to participate in our activities. Please ensure the wheelchair is clean and free of debris and that the chair can be fully controlled while on the ice.
  • Skate Aids: We encourage the assistance of our skate aids for beginner skaters, personal skate aids must be approved by staff prior to use on the ice. For their safety, children are not permitted to be carried while on the ice.

Keep it Clean: Help us keep our facility clean by respecting arena equipment and furnishings. Food and beverages are not permitted in the dressing rooms, benches, or on the ice. Please leave your walking sticks, wagons, sleds, child seats, and strollers off the ice as they may damage the ice and risk your safety.

Kindness is Cool: We love the positive energy you bring to play at the LRC. Keep that energy flowing by treating LRC staff, and your fellow patrons the way you would like them to treat you.

General Reminders:  Skating etiquette is to enhance your experience during your skate.  It does not replace the City of Leduc, LRC Facility Use Guidelines and Expectations which are in effect for all public patrons and staff.

Have fun!