Shinny Hockey Guidelines

Your guide to having an enjoyable, fun, and safe shinny experience at the LRC!

Pay & Play:  Proof of admission is required.  Players must wear a shinny specific LRC wristband at all times if you are playing shinny so staff and other players know you’re legit!

Pre-book through the Live Leduc App 72 hours in advance to Play:  How can I reserve my spot for Shinny?

1. Download the Live Leduc Mobile App through Google Play or the App Store

2. Click on Appointment Scheduling

3. Select Adult 18+ Shinny, Adult 18+ Shinny, Youth 10-12 Shinny, Youth 13-14 Shinny or Youth 15-17

4. Select your start time, duration and then click Reserve

5. You will receive a confirmation, Reservation complete.

6. You can then add the appointment to your calendar or share it with friends and family.

Please make sure that the top right hand corner facility drop down is on Leduc Recreation Centre to schedule your appointment.

Arrival Time: Shinny players can check-in at East Guest Services up to 30 minutes prior to the scheduled shinny timeslot. 

Max Players: To maximize your shinny play time, shinny is limited to 20 players and two (2) goalies per shinny timeslot. 

Shinny is for Everyone: We offer shinny opportunities for a variety of age groups at multiple times. Sorry, no exceptions on age and play, proof of age may be requested at time of check in. Plan to play with your friends in your age group.  Check-out our latest City Guide to find the right Shinny session for you!

Safety First!

  • Full Face Visor is required
  • Face-offs not permitted
  • Limit digging for the puck
  • To minimize your risk of injuries, shinny players are required to wear FULL hockey equipment*
  • Body-checking, rough play, and slap shots are a no go!
  • Set the hockey nets in place with their pins, close all gates that are not in use, and stop game play immediately if requested by LRC staff.
  • Pick-up any debris (broken sticks or blades) from the ice.
  • Pack chips/holes in the ice immediately or contact a staff member if chips/holes appear in the ice. 

Keep it Clean: Help keep our facility clean by respecting arena equipment and furnishings. Food, including sunflower seeds, alcoholic beverages, glass bottles and tobacco are not permitted in the change rooms, benches, or on the ice.

Kindness is Cool: We love the positive energy you bring to play at the LRC. Keep that energy flowing by treating LRC staff, and your fellow patrons the way you would like them to treat you. 

General Reminders:  Shinny etiquette is to enhance your experience during your Shinny.  It does not replace the City of Leduc, LRC Facility Use Guidelines and Expectations which are in effect for all public patrons and staff.

Play Safe and Have Fun!

*Full hockey equipment: CSA certified hockey helmet (with full faced mask for all patrons 17 and under), skates, neck guard, hockey pants, support cup, hockey gloves, shin/elbow/shoulder pads, and regulation hockey stick.