Youth Council

The Youth Council Committee’s mandate is to provide a forum for young people to participate in local government by researching, advising, proposing and planning actions in the community to council. The Committee is comprised of two members of Council and at least five but no more than 13 members of the public between the ages of 16 and 22 years.

Join Youth Council

DEADLINE extended! The time is now to apply to join our group; 13 positions to fulfill a 1-year commitment in 2022.

You can apply:

  • Online form
  • Or submit a cover letter and resume via email to
  • Or mail to ‘Attention Deputy City Clerk’ c/o City of Leduc, 1 Alexandra Park, Leduc, Alta   T9E 4C4

Application deadline: Nov. 8, 2021 by 4 p.m.


How many positions are there in Youth Council?

There are total of 13 positions to fill, with a minimum of five positions that need to be filled for Youth Council to be active.

How can I join?

Youth Council is a competitive process that occurs each year where you submit your application online. The administration facilitator and members of city council will then interview applicants. Successful applicants are selected and appointed in December.

What do I need to apply?

The online submissions will ask you about 10 questions around why you want to be a member and what changes you want to see. Similar for someone running for Mayor and Council, we want to know your platform! Tell us what is important to you and how you plan to serve the community. 

What has Youth Council done so far?

Due to the pandemic, most Youth Council initiatives were cancelled. However, there was the Youth Council Community Clean Up and YC are asked to advise on other city-related initiatives.

What sort of time commitment is required to be part of Youth Council?

Committees are required to meet at a minimum of eight times a year, however together you will set your schedule in the beginning of the term.

Is there an age range for Youth Council?

Yes, Youth Council applicants must be between the ages of 16 to 22 to be eligible. 

How long is the term?

The term is for one year, from January to December.

The Youth Council will be responsible for: 

  • Gathering and reviewing reports and other evidence relevant to its mandate
  • Planning events and community initiatives relevant to its mandate
  • Providing recommendations to council on how to engage and support young people
  • Taking such other actions on matters of special interest to young people that may be reasonable
  • Membership
  • Bylaw No. 1022-2019

2021 Minutes

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