2023 Public Budget Deliberations

The 2023 Public Budget Deliberations will be held in November and December this year. During these meetings, City Administration will present its recommended operating and capital budgets to Council for review and approval. 


What is the difference between operating and capital budgets?
The operating budget reflects the annual cost of offering services and programs to our residents and businesses, such as:

Note: the City's annual operating budget is governed by the Alberta Municipal Government Act (MGA), which states that all municipalities must not budget for a deficit. This means we cannot plan to take in less money than we need.

The capital budget reflects the cost of upgrades and improvements to city facilities, infrastructure, parks, recreation spaces and roads. In some cases, these projects are quite large and take several years to complete, so their total costs are spread out over that time.

How can I influence the City budget?
The City's annual budget priorities are guided by the strategic direction set by Leduc City Council and the City's variety of master plans. Leduc residents and business owners have a number of opportunities to share their thoughts or feedback regarding the City's budget, including:

  • participating in the annual Budget Planning Survey (which takes place each spring)
  • registering to take part directly in council's budget discussions through public commentary (contact the City Clerk's office to register via email or phone at 780-980-7132). Note: public commentary is the first order of business to take place during each meeting of council for budget deliberations.
  • speaking directly with Mayor and Council

How do the budget deliberation meetings impact property taxes?
The priorities set by Leduc City Council during annual budget deliberations determine the amount of money the City will require in order to operate over the following year. The funds needed to pay for these services, programs and improvement projects are then collected by the City through various sources of revenue, including municipal property taxes

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