Building Community

We host numerous programs, events and workshops to help residents connect with one another and enhance their quality of life throughout the year.

Workshops and Info Sessions

We offer a variety of workshops and information sessions throughout the year to support Leduc residents.

Good Neighbour initiative

The Good Neighbours initiative encourages neighbourly behaviour and community building through a number of events and projects.

Asset Building

The 40 Developmental Assets® is an initiative that calls on the community to support our youth. 

Block Programming

Under the Good Neighbour initiative, we offer the Block Party and Connector programs to help neighbourhood leaders create connections.

Anti-Bullying Initiatives

Each year, we host Pink Shirt Day to show our support and solidarity with those who are being picked on, excluded, shamed, assaulted or gossiped about.

Leduc Unplugged

Leduc Unplugged program encourages and assists people in unplugging from technology to connect with themselves, their loved ones and the community.

Emergency Social Services

Emergency Social Services is an emergency response program provided to assist those affected by disasters or emergencies in our community.

Everybody Gets to PlayTM

Everybody Gets to PlayTM is a national initiative to enhance the quality of life for families by offering subsidies and other forms of assistance for recreation, athletic and cultural opportunities.

Social Planning

Through social planning, we help identify what is happening in the community, and the current social needs and gaps in services. We work with local and regional organizations as well as residents to build partnerships and create a greater sense of belonging for our community.