Frequently Asked Questions

What types of cannabis-related businesses may be allowed in Leduc?

Permitted businesses in Leduc are:

  1. Retail Store (Cannabis): a business with a provincial licence to display or sell cannabis and cannabis accessories. This is also referred to as a cannabis store.
  2. Cannabis Production and Distribution: a business that holds a licence to produce, cultivate, process, test, manufacture, package, store and transport cannabis under provincial and federal regulations.
  3. Cannabis Counselling: a business that provides counselling on cannabis by individuals who are not medical professionals. No sales or consumption of cannabis is permitted on these premises.

What kinds of product can be sold in a cannabis store?

Cannabis stores will be allowed to sell cannabis products and accessories that promote responsible use. Details on permitted products and accessories are defined in the federal government’s regulations.

Are there separating distances required for a cannabis store?

Yes, the City of Leduc’s Land Use Bylaw requires a minimum 100 m separating distance between cannabis stores. The city also requires a minimum 100 m separating distance from liquor stores. The Cannabis Overlay within the city’s Land Use Bylaw has been designed to accommodate the provincially required separating distance from schools and hospitals.

Can an existing business be converted to a cannabis store?

If the current business were to cease operations and vacate the premises, a cannabis retail store could potentially be allowed through a new development permit application if all regulations applicable to cannabis-related businesses could be met.

What information do I need for my application?

Applicants should reference:

>> Cannabis Land Use Guidelines
>> Development Permit Application Requirements: Retail Store (Cannabis)  
>> Minimum Requirements for Plan Submittal for Commercial/Industrial Development
>> Commercial/ Industrial Development Permit Application. 

Interested applicants are encouraged to schedule a pre-application meeting with the Planning and Development department at 780-980-7124 to discuss details of their application and whether they comply with the city's regulations.

Who can I talk to about safety codes compliance?

The Safety Codes Department can be reached at 780-980-7124.

Can I apply in person?

Yes, applications can be made in person at the Civic Centre or online through CityView Portal

Will the city cap the number of cannabis stores in Leduc?

At this time, the city has not capped the number of cannabis stores in Leduc.

How long will it take to receive approval on my application?

The completeness of an application directly affects the timeframe in which it is processed. Once an application has been deemed complete, it will be processed on a first come, first served basis. Because cannabis-related businesses are identified as a discretionary use, they are also subject to a 21-day appeal period following issuance of a development permit. In the event that the permit is appealed, the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board will hold a hearing within 30 days of the appeal being filed and will give a decision within 15 days after the hearing has concluded. 

Can I begin selling cannabis once I have received approval?

No, it will still be illegal to sell cannabis until the federal government legalizes cannabis on October 17, 2018