Presentations to Council

Presentations can be done 1 of 2 ways:

  1. Public Commentary - During a council meeting the public are given 2 opportunities to address city council during 'Public Commentary,' which takes place at both the beginning and end of each meeting. During public commentary, presenters can provide input on any matter that is not already on the agenda for the meeting they attend. Public commentary presentations should not exceed 10 minutes. Citizens aren't required to register to speak, however a courtesy call to the City Clerk's Office is always appreciated.
  2. Formal Presentations - Individuals and groups who wish to make a formal presentation at a council or committee-of-the-whole meeting are asked to complete the Presentation Request Form. All requests are vetted with City Council members for approval. Once approved, the City Clerk's Office will provide the individual/group with the date and time of their presentation. All presentations, which include a question period, are not to exceed 15 minutes.

Presentations to Leduc City Council are welcomed and can be made by individuals and groups at regular and COW meetings. Presentations requests must be submitted by completing the Presentation Request Form.


Phone: 780-980-7132