Street Sweeping

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Street sweeping begins when all of the snow has melted off the streets. Sweeping continues through the spring, summer and fall seasons. Sweeping clears the salt, sand, garbage, and rock crush that have been deposited throughout the winter, making road surfaces safe and clean for residents. This clean-up also prevents the water system from becoming clogged.

Process: street sweeping efforts include two sweeps:
1. to pick up the materials laid over the winter season for recycling purposes
2. to remove the remaining debris, garbage and clean.

Priority is given to the main arterial and collector roadways during the year’s initial snow melt. Residential street sweeping follows, usually in later April or May. With the early snow melt this year, City crews are monitoring the condition of our streets along with the weather forecast to determine when residential sweeping will begin. Please see the tentative timelines below. 

Note, this schedule may be impacted by vehicle breakdown/maintenance and weather.

Residential Street Sweeping Schedule:

Orange - Scheduled
Green - Completed

Yellow - Pending

Black Stone May 11
Bridgeport May 10
Caledonia May 6
Corinthia Park May 5
Central Business District/Alexandra Park May 13 (hospital area)/ May 16
Deer Valley May 12
Lakeside Estates May 4
Leduc Estates May 4
Linsford May 16
Meadowview May 12
North Telford May 13
Robinson May 10
South Park May 9
South Telford May 13
Southfork May 10/11
Suntree May 11
Tribute May 17
West Haven May 12
Willow Park May 16
Windrose May 9
Woodbend  May 13