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Homeowners can apply on the pre-qualification application for the Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP) in Leduc – an innovative financing tool for property owners to invest in energy efficient and renewable energy upgrades without an upfront financial investment. A low interest financing option is available to homeowners with repayments done through your property tax bill. 

Alberta Municipalities administer the program and grant funding from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities offsets the program administration costs for the first four years. Afterwards, the program will be reviewed and administration costs will be evaluated.  

The maximum term of the clean energy improvement charge is equal to the effective useful life (EUL) of the upgrades completed in the project. Some eligible residential upgrades include:  

  • Heating, ventilation & air conditioning 
  • Renewable energy, solar PV & thermal 
  • Lighting fixtures and controls 
  • Water heating 
  • Doors, windows, insulation & air sealing 


The Clean Energy Improvement Program is first come, first serve. Roughly 30 residential upgrade projects, are budgeted for each year. The process of the program follows these five basic steps: 

  1. Pre-qualifications: Property owners submit your credentials to ensure your property meets the basic program eligibility criteria set by Leduc’s CEIP Terms and Conditions.  
  2. Home Evaluation and Project Application: Once approved, you select a qualified contractor to complete an EnerGuide Home Evaluation and submit your project application form.  
  3. Agreements: If approved, CEIP confirms the approved financing amount and the agreement. 
  4. Installation: Your project upgrade can begin and must be completed within six months of receiving the Installation Authorizations Notice.  
  5. Repayment: After your upgrade is complete and passes a post-project evaluation, CEIP will pay your qualified contractor and the approved project cost will be recoded on your property’s tax account.  

This initiative contributes to the city’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Action Plan by having an impact on reducing greenhouse gases, improving housing stock and contributing to local economic growth. The Clean Energy Improvement Program reduces delivers energy bill savings to program participants.

To learn more about how you can get started with CEIP, visit  


Local contractors are integral to the success of the Clean Energy Improvement Program. If you’re interested in learning more visit to sign-up for email updates. The program administrator, Alberta Municipalities will share updates and municipal events with you as they become available.

Electric Vehicle Charger Rebate Program 

The Electric Vehicle Charger Rebate Program (ECRP) is a sub-program of the City’s Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP). Property owners who complete a CEIP Project will be eligible to apply for an additional incentive to offset the cost of installing an electric vehicle (EV) charger. Installation does not have to be completed by a qualified CEIP contractor. Administered by the City of Leduc, the ECRP is operated on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Eligible participants can apply for the lesser of $600 or up to 50 percent of the installed cost of a Level 2 charging station (can include required household electrical upgrades) capped at one per household. Pre-approval is highly recommended to guarantee funding is available for your project. If you have completed a CEIP project and have a signed Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEI) Agreement with the City of Leduc and Alberta Municipalities, fill out the pre-application form to get started.  

ECRP Rebate Applications must be received within the following rules: 

  • 30 days after the completion of an eligible CEIP project. or; 
  • 180 days from the date the ECRP CEI agreement is signed is received. 
  • The EV charger must not be purchased or installed before signing a Clean Energy Improvement Agreement. 

Review the ECRP Participation Guide to learn more about the program and eligibility criteria.  

Complete the ECRP pre-application form today!  

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