Citizens of Distinction

Annually, nominations are gathered to recognize and celebrate outstanding citizens, groups and businesses that have made a tremendous contribution to our community.

Nomination form – Citizens of Distinction
Annual deadline: April 30

Six awards are available through this citizen recognition program:

  • Athletic Achievement
  • Community Spirit
  • Arts, Culture and Heritage
  • Environmental Achievement
  • Youth Award of Merit (youth 16 and under)
  • Mayor's Special Award (awarded by Leduc City Council)

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  • All nominations are reviewed and awarded by the Citizens Recognition Committee.
  • While it isn't necessary to meet all award criteria, the Citizens Recognition Committee awards at their discretion.
  • Citizens Recognition Committee may decline to choose a recipient for an award in a given year if no suitable candidate is presented or if other extenuating circumstances occur.
  • Citizens Recognition Committee has the authority to move a nomination to another award category if it fits the criteria.
  • Nominees can be nominated in more than one category, but can only win in one (1) category in any given year.
  • The nominator is responsible for submitting a complete application.
  • All decisions of the Citizens Recognition Committee are final.

In making their decisions, the committee will consider:

  • Whether the nominee is recognized as coming from Leduc
  • Whether the achievement attained brought widespread recognition and has enhanced the name of the community through positive exposure
  • What level of achievement has been attained
  • What contribution the nominee has made to the community

General criteria

  • A business, group or individual who has contributed, enhanced or has had a positive impact on this community
  • Current or former resident of the City of Leduc
  • Non-city resident who have brought significant recognition to Leduc
  • City employees who qualify in the course of their employment are not intended to be recognized
  • Nominees are not to be paid for their contributions

Athletic Achievement Award - based on athletic endeavour. Individuals or teams have:

  • Been successful in contributing to significant development of sport in Leduc
  • Supported athletes, teams, or clubs in finding high levels of success
  • Brought widespread recognition to Leduc through success in competition or recognized sportsmanship

Potential nominees (teams and candidates) may hold amateur or professional status; and all non-resident members, group or team who train primarily in Leduc are eligible.

Community Spirit Award - based on a person or group:

  • Where their leadership and service has had a beneficial impact on life in this community
  • Who is/was inspirational to the community and its citizens
  • Who has or have made a positive impact on their fellow citizens, neighbourhood and community

Arts, Culture and Heritage Recognition Award - based on an individual or group:

  • Who has made a significant contribution to foster growth in arts, culture and/or heritage of this community. Consideration will be given to noteworthy contributions toward the preservation of Leduc’s natural, build and cultural heritage through conservation projects, education, awareness and advocacy
  • Who have achieved local, provincial or national acclaim
  • Who identifies with one (1) of the following art forms: performing arts (dance, theatre, music, etc.) visual arts (painting, sculpture, photography, glass blowing, pottery, etc.), media (film, TV and new media including animation and interactive art), literature (poetry, novels, short stories, etc.) and creative (culinary, fiber, cosmetology, etc.)

Environmental Award – based on a person or group:

  • Who have demonstrated/contributed time and effort to support conservation protection and the enhancement of the environment
  • Who have demonstrated a commitment to the environment and produce measurable positive changes in pursuit of solutions to long-term environmental issues. This may include, but not limited to, pollution reduction, waste reduction, waste-to-energy projects, green recycling, green waste reduction and education

Youth Award of Merit – based on a youth 16 or younger at the time of nomination for their:

  • Success in leadership, advocacy and commitment to community services
  • Positive impact they’ve made on their peers, school environment, neighbourhood and/or community

Mayor’s Special Award – is at the discretion of Leduc City Council to recognize the outstanding effort and/or achievement of an individual, group or business. This award is not based on nominations as candidates are selected solely by mayor and council.

More information:
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