Council Meetings & Minutes

Leduc City Council meets regularly to debate and pass motions and bylaws on all manner of issues of local concern, keeping the business of the City of Leduc moving forward in the service of all Leduc residents.

Like all municipalities, we regularly receive delegations and presentations from various groups who have business in Leduc as part of our Council meeting agenda. The public commentary portion of the meeting will be moved for all future meetings to follow business items, rather than start the meeting. This is to ensure that our business agenda proceeds on time, and allows our guests to accurately plan the timing of their visits.

Public commentary is a unique aspect of Leduc City Council meetings which is not required in the Municipal Government Act or our municipal Bylaws.

Leduc City Council meetings are held three Mondays per month, unless otherwise stated in the schedule.

Meetings are live streamed through our website, with best viewing results on Google Chrome. For access, please scroll down to ‘Upcoming Meetings.’ Online views can access the live stream through ‘List’ or ‘Calendar’ by selecting the corresponding date and time. Although council meetings are held virtually, presentations and in-person attendance are still welcome. Learn more about how you can make a presentation to council.

All council meetings are recorded and will be made available following each council evening. Previously recorded meetings (prior to March 2021) are available through Vimeo.

PUBLIC NOTICE: This is notice pursuant to s. 33(c) and s.34(2) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, that council meetings will be recorded and made available to the public.
NOTE: By attending these meetings in council chambers you are consenting to be recorded.

NOTE: Audio has been redacted from a portion of the recording of the May 8, 2023 Council Meeting (from 3:27:16 to 3:27:40) to comply with the following sections of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act: section 24 - Advice from officials, section 25 - Disclosure harmful to economic and other interests of a public body, and section 27 - Privileged information


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