Blue Bag Recycling & Recyclable Material

The golden rule of blue bag recycling: all recyclables must
be clean and dry and put in a blue recycle bag. 

The materials in the table below go in blue recycle bags for proper and safe disposal.

Plastic Containers         
Bleach jugs Dish soap bottles Fabric softener bottles Ice cream pails Margarine tubs
Medicine bottles (empty) Plastic bottles/tubs/jugs Take-out containers (no Styrofoam) Yogurt containers  
Tin/aluminum Cans & Plates        
Aluminum cans Aluminum foil (clean) Aluminum pie plates (clean) Aluminum take-out containers (clean) Cans
Metal/tin can lids Soup/vegetable cans Tin cans    
Ad inserts Greeting cards Books Catalogues Computer paper
Envelopes Fast food containers (paper/rinsed) Flyers Gift wrap (non-metallic) Loose paper
Mixed papers Newspapers Napkins/plates/cups (clean) Phone books Soft cover books
Tissue paper        
Appliance boxes (flattened) Boxboard (cereal/tissue boxes) Boxes (flattened) Cardboard (clean) Carboard egg cartons
Cereal boxes Detergent boxes (empty) Moving boxes (cut up) Shoe boxes  *Cardboard must be 2'x3' or smaller. Cut up larger boxes.
Non-glass Containers**        
Beer cans Juice bottles Milk cartons Milk jugs Pop bottles
Pop cans Tetra-pak food/drink containers Water bottles   **Refundable at bottle depot

The materials in the table below DO NOT go in blue recycle bags.

Organics Waste E-waste Hazardous household materials

Preparing Your Recyclables

  • Place material loose in the blue bag.
  • Break down all boxes so they are flat.
  • Cut up larger boxes. The maximum size of cardboard pieces which will be picked up is 2' x 3'.
  • Rinse all plastic and tin materials.
  • Fold tin can lids inside the can if the lid is still attached, or place detached lids inside the can.
  • Never recycle a loose, sharp lid because of the safety risk to sorting staff.
  • Remove lids from plastic containers. Rinse and recycle both lid and container.
  • Rinse metal lids from glass jars.
  • Remove hard covers from books.
  • The maximum allowable weight of a blue bag out for collection is 26 kg