City of Leduc Commitment

The City is committed to the acquisition of quality products, services, and construction achieving the best value for the City. The City maintains a competitive bid process complying with trade agreement obligations ensuring that the City’s procurement processes are conducted in a fair and transparent manner, treating all vendors equitably.

As stewards of responsible public spending, the City is responsible to ensure procurement is conducted with the highest level of transparency, openness, and fairness providing equal access to all qualified suppliers.

The City will maintain the public trust through adherence to public procurement principles. The City will purchase goods, services and construction based on definitive specifications, quality of products and services, advantageous value-added features considering total cost of ownership, achieving best value which enables the City to deliver quality services to the municipality.

Best value means the most adventageous balance of price, quality, performance, availability, suitability, serviceability, warranty, and value added features considering total cost of ownership.


The City’s surplus (small equipment, office furniture, tools, vehicles, heavy equipment, etc.), is disposed of using a variety of methods, reducing the amount of equipment sent to the landfill.

The City currently uses GovDeals, an online marketplace, for selling surplus items.

Additional methods of surplus disposal includes:

  • Sale to another municipality or government agency
  • Trade in towards replacement goods
  • Donation to a registered non-profit or charitable agency
  • Auction