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The Eco Station offers residents, schools and businesses from Leduc, Leduc County, Calmar, Devon and Beaumont a staffed drop-off location designed to divert a range of material from the landfill. Materials are accepted free of charge for recycling, with the exception of general household waste, where the first bag is free and additional bags are $2 each (exact change must be provided).

We welcome small loads of materials for recycling and safe disposal. Due to the size of the facility, the size of each load may be limited to material that fits in the trunk of a car or the back of a pickup truck. Large loads, construction or renovation waste and large items (furniture and appliances) can be taken to the Leduc and District Waste Management Facility for disposal. Yard waste can be taken to the Yard Waste Transfer Station for disposal. 

Materials Accepted 

Household Hazardous Waste Paint, batteries, chemicals, antifreeze, glycol, aerosol cans, used vehicle oil, oil filters, hair coloring, empty chemical containers, drain cleaners, insecticides, oven cleaners, solvents, turpentine, varnish, waxes and polishes

Electronic Waste

TV’s, cell phones, computers, laptops, monitors, desktop printers, computer accessories, cables, digital cameras, radios, DVD/VCR players, microwaves, keyboards

Blue Bag Recyclables

Rigid plastic containers, clean tin cans, paper, cardboard, boxes (flattened), milk cartons, newspaper, tissue paper, plastic bottles, plastic tubs, plastic jugs (rigid), pop cans, tetra pak drink containers (juice boxes)

Cardboard Recycling

Please flatten cardboard.


Shredded paper, soiled cardboard and paper products (pizza boxes). Small loads of food waste and garden waste are accepted in approved compostable bags.


General Household Waste

First bag is free, additional bags are $2 each. Exact change must be provided. Please ensure waste is bagged.

Scrap Metal Recycling 

BBQs, old utensils, broken bicycles, auto parts, rebar, etc. (NO large items)

Glass recycling 

Clean, clear glass containers only. Labels do not need to be removed. Please do not put glass in your blue bag.

Ceramic, porcelain, cooking glass (Pyrex), windows and windshields are NOT accepted.

Tire Recycling 

Vehicle and motorcycle tires between 8" - 39", bike tires and tubes (no rims)

Propane Tank Recycling

Maximum size of 20 lbs accepted.

Clothing and Textile Donations

In partnership with Canadian Mental Health Association and Diabetes Canada.

Cooking Oil Disposal

Used oil and empty containers.

Expanded Electronics Program 

Small appliances, gaming equipment, audio and video equipment, electronic toys, wireless devices, power tools, electronic musical instruments, solar panels (residential sized, or on solar garden lights)

Florescent Bulbs and Tubes

Compact Fluorescent Blubs (CFL), ballasts and fluorescent tubes.

Compost and Mulch

Free giveaway. Limited to four 5 gallon pails per customer of each material.


White block Styrofoam, often used to package electronics, appliances and furniture. Styrofoam must be clean and all contaminants (i.e., tape and staples) must be removed.


Materials Accepted Free of Charge

Hazardous & E-waste Options for Schools

The Eco Station accepts all e-waste and hazardous waste from Leduc schools, free of charge. School representatives can also drop off all e-waste at the Regional Waste Management Facility free of charge. Please take larger loads of garden waste to the Yard Waste Transfer Station.

Location & Hours


*Please note that the Eco Station is closed on all Statutory Holidays.

Site Map

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For more information on the RV Sani-Station, please click here

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Eco-friendly furnishings and features at the Leduc Eco Centre

The new Eco-Station is made up of a variety of eco-friendly products. See some of the ways that the City of Leduc is being environmentally responsible at the Eco-Station.


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