Eco Station

The Eco Station is temporarily CLOSED to the public, but our Curbside Collection Program (including black waste carts, green organics carts and blue bag recycling) is continuing as normal. 

  • Store your clean, dry recyclables such as paper, cardboard and tin cans, as well as other Eco Stations items, like paint and electronics, in a safe place for the time being. Please refer to the table below on how to properly store household hazardous waste during the Eco Station closure.
  • If you must dispose of items you would normally bring to the Eco Station, you may drop them off at the Leduc and District Regional Waste Management Facilitywhich offers all of the same recycling options. During this period, we will be waiving the need for a resident access card to drop off of recyclables, paint, electronics, etc. only. You should still apply for your resident card online for all future drop offs. Regular waste drop-off will continue to require a resident card.
  • For residents without curbside collection, emergency bins have been place north of the Eco Station for drop off of black bag waste and organics in compostable bags. We ask that you please only use these if required. For this period, the $2/black bag fee will be waived.
  • If you have curbside collection, all waste should continue to be disposed of in your black cart. If you need additional waste capacity, call the Eco Smart Hotline at 780-980-7107 to order another black cart. 

We will re-assess the closing of the Eco Station at the beginning of April and keep residents updated. 

How to Properly Store Household Hazardous Waste During the Eco Station Closure

When storing household hazardous waste or recyclables, it is recommended that containers be:

  • in good condition and not leaking
  • protected from weather
  • compatible with the materials that are storing to avoid corrosion or chemical reactions that could result in fire
  • clearly marked and labelled to identify what is being stored

Where possible, please keep materials in their original containers. Do not mix different types of hazardous wastes in a bottle or container as it can be extremely dangerous.


How to Safely Store

Blue Bag Recyclables

Bag only clean and dry materials. Large cardboard can be flattened and cut into smaller pieces for curbside pick-up in your blue bag.

Used Oil

Store in a clean, leak-proof container that can be tightly sealed and labelled. Store it in a cool, dry place away from heat, sunlight, kids, and pets. Secondary containment is recommended where possible.

Used Oil Filters

Place in a leak-proof bag with a tight seal. Large zip-top bags work well for this.

Light Bulbs

Put used lightbulbs back in the cardboard container they came in, or wrap them and store in a safe place to prevent shattering.


Ensure can is tightly sealed and store in a cool dry place, away from extreme temperatures.

Car Batteries

Store in a secure non-conductive container like cardboard or plastic to prevent a spill should a leak occur.


Store in a secure non-conductive container like cardboard or plastic and try to keep batteries lined up side by side or place a little piece of tape on both the positive and negative ends to prevent ends from coming into contact and causing a reaction. Store batteries of different types in separate containers.

Used Glycol

Store in a clean, leak-proof container that can be tightly sealed and labelled. Store it in a cool, dry place away from heat, sunlight, kids, and pets. Secondary containment is recommended where possible.


Flammable liquids should be kept in a fire-resistant storage cabinet if possible, or away from fixtures that feature high temperatures or flames, as wells as sharp edges that could puncture the cans.  

Electronic Waste

Keep electronics neatly stacked in boxes in a clean dry area, protected from extreme temperatures.

Propane Tanks

Tanks should be stored outdoors and upright. Check the valve on each tank and close it to help prevent leaking gas if not completely empty.


Used cooking oil

Pour cooled oil into a disposable container and allow it to harden before putting in the black waste cart.


Clean and dry glass for storage.


It is safe to store small quantities of tires in a cool dry area, away from potential heat sources.

For more information, please visit Alberta Government, Storing and Disposing of Hazardous Waste and Recyclables Fact Sheet


The Eco Station offers all residents, schools and businesses a staffed drop-off location designed to divert a range of material from the landfill. We welcome small loads of materials for recycling and safe disposal. Due to the size of the facility, the size of each load may be limited to material that fits in the trunk of a car or the back of a pickup truck.

Scrap metal recycling BBQs, old utensils, auto parts, rebar, etc. (NO large items) Glass recycling clean and clear glass containers only (NO pyrex, mirrors, etc - these go in your black cart). Do not put glass in your blue bag. Refundables go to the Bottle Depot. Tire recycling tires between 8" - 39" 
(NO bicycle tires or rims) 
Propane tank disposal less than 20 lbs Clothing donations with Canadian Mental Health Association  Cooking oil disposal empty containers and used oil
Book and media donations swap table in partnership with Leduc Public Library. Opening Fall 2019.  Florescent bulbs and tubes recycling Mulch giveaway (free) limited quantity per customer

Materials Accepted Free of Charge

Hazardous & E-waste Options for Schools

The Eco Station accepts all e-waste and hazardous waste from Leduc schools, free of charge. School representatives can also drop off all e-waste at the Regional Waste Management Facility free of charge. Please take larger loads of garden waste to the Yard Waste Transfer Station.

Location & Hours

*Please note that the Eco Station is closed on all Statutory Holidays.


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