Environmental Plan

Leduc's Environmental Plan charts the city’s environmental vision, priorities and actions for the next 10 years and supports the new Municipal Development Plan’s environmental vision: “Our natural environment is healthy and clean.”

As outlined in the Environmental Plan, Leduc residents identified increased waste reduction as a top priority for action. The following targets were set:

  • Achieve 45% residential waste diversion by 2013
  • Achieve 65% residential waste diversion by 2021

To meet these targets, the city approved 3 key actions:

  1. Develop the Curbside Cart Collection & Recycling Program, which introduced organics collection to Leduc beginning in September 2012.
  2. Expand and enhance services available at the Eco Station.
  3. Undertake a public awareness program to ensure residents can participate fully in waste reduction initiatives.

Residential waste reduction results

  • Residential curbside diversion reached 52% as of December 31, 2015.
  • Curbside organics collection statistics show residents have diverted more than 7,200 tonnes since 2012, representing a 635% increase per household over the amount diverted in 2012.
  • Blue bag statistics show residents have diverted more than 5,200 tonnes of blue bag materials since 2012.
  • Waste statistics show residents disposed of 421kg of waste per household in 2015, down from 437kg in 2014, which means less material is going to landfill. Since 2012, Leduc residents have decrease the amount of waste they generate by 35%.
  • Eco Station statistics show residents and businesses made 25,786 visits to the Eco Station in 2015, a 26% increase over 2015.

Business and multi-family waste diversion -- a key focus for 2016

Work began in 2015 on a comprehensive waste diversion strategy focusing on the multi-family and businesses sectors. Because the multi-family and business sectors, both serviced by the commercial hauling industry, generate almost twice as much waste as single-family residents, the city engaged business reps and owners of multi-family units to better understand the barriers they face in increasing their waste diversion and to explore options leading to greater waste diversion.

Key findings:

  • A majority of multi-family unit owners and business reps surveyed agree waste reduction is the right thing to do and supported exploring additional education and services to increase waste diversion.
  • Over 70% of both sectors recycle blue bag materials through the Eco Station or a commercial hauler.
  • Over 30% of Leduc businesses use the Eco Station.

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