Fire Services

Leduc Fire Services’ mission is to provide community and emergency services to serve and protect the citizens of Leduc. The team operates as an integrated and composite model, made of both full and part-time members, who are all medically trained firefighters.  

Leduc Fire Services provides the following services to the City of Leduc and rural areas west, south and east of Leduc:

Our vision is to become the recognized leader in fire and emergency medical services. Our family protecting yours, we value:

  • Professionalism
  • Respectful
  • Objective
  • Tradition
  • Ethical
  • Client-focused
  • Transparent
  • Safety

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Leduc firefighters are part of the IAFF Collective Agreement

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1904 – Beginning with a fire brigade and a horse-drawn water pump, the brigade continued to grow and increase the level and quality of service to the community.

1999 – Leduc County Fire Services and the City of Leduc Fire Services co-hosted the Alberta Fire Chiefs Association Conference. In preparation for the opening ceremonies, members of the city fire services formed a Guard of Honour and Colour Party.

2000 – Members of the City of Leduc Fire Brigade developed and approved the official colours (flag) of the brigade. These colours are carried with pride and honour in functions where the Guard of Honour is present.

2004 – Leduc Fire Service evolved to provide an integrated fire and emergency medical service with cross-trained Firefighter-Paramedics and EMTs.

Today – Our fire team provides service to a population base of over 33,000 residents in the City of Leduc and Leduc region.

Coat of Arms


Conceived in 2000, the Coat of Arms represents the past, present and future of the City of Leduc Fire Services. The heraldic achievement symbolizes the timeless values that guide every on of the members. Learn more about the origin of elements that makes up the design. 

Guard of Honour

Through their duties, firefighters rely heavily on each other through some very stressful situations. It creates a bond only a few can truly understand and a fellowship that encompasses trust, friendship, and honour. The Guard of Honour is composed of firefighters that demonstrate these fellowship values within the tightly knit family amongst themselves and into the community.

Established in 1999, the Guard of Honour is composed of active-duty firefighters that represent the City of Leduc Fire Services. They volunteer and dedicate their time and serve on behalf of the fire department at major ceremonies. The main role of the Guard of Honour is to pay tribute to those who have fallen. However, their role expands beyond and can be seen acting as a ceremonial guard in parades, weddings, graduations, and civic, community and sporting events. The Guard of Honour’s presence plays an important public role within the City of Leduc, and beyond.

Humble Beginnings

The City of Leduc Fire Services over the years had an ad hoc Guard of Honour who typically performed at weddings and at the grand opening of the new Fire House #1 (1997). These were humble beginnings and a starting point for what was to come.

In 1998, the City of Leduc was awarded the Alberta Fire Chief’s Conference – a very prestigious event for a small city to host. The idea of forming a Guard of Honour for the event was where this began and created and led by Lieutenant Gerry Kelly. The response to the call-out was amazing and the real work began in putting together a highly skilled unit of firefighters to show case the City and the fire department.

Within nine months, an established arms and foot drill was in place, and a paramilitary guard of honour that any department would be proud of was formed. At the 1999 Alberta Fire Chief’s Conference, the guard performed at the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as, the fallen firefighter’s memorial. Since then, the Leduc Fire Services Guard of Honour has represented the City at many events including: the Alberta Fire Chief’s Conference in Jasper; two Alberta Lieutenant Governor Reviews; presented colours to a delegation from Grimma, Germany; recruit graduations; medal ceremonies; weddings; funerals; social and sporting events.

In 2014, the Guard of Honour marched in Dublin, Ireland, with our brothers and sisters of the Dublin Fire Brigade in the St. Patrick’s Parade. The guard marched again with Dublin Fire Brigade in Savanna, Georgia, USA in 2015. The Guard continues to be a strong part of the fire department’s culture, tradition and service to the City of Leduc and its citizens.

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Leduc Fire Services Pipes and Drums (LFSP&Ds)

Inspired by Dublin Fire Brigade’s Pipe & Drums during the Guard of Honour’s participation in the St. Patrick’s Parade in 2014, the Leduc Fire Services Pipes & Drums (LFSP&Ds) was conceived.  The LFSP&Ds was formally established in 2017 as a Highland Bagpipe Band. The Pipes & Drums band provides a full range of ceremonial functions befitting the Fire Service and the community. The LFSP&Ds tartan is registered with the Scottish Register Tartans in Edinburgh, Scotland, known as the Leduc Black Gold Tartan. The Leduc Fire Services Pipe & Drums started with both experienced and novice members as a not-for-profit organization. Supporting the City of Leduc Fire Services’ Guard of Honour, the band consists of firefighters, first responders, the military, allied agencies and retirees.

The Mission


Pipe bands have a rich heritage tied to the military, fire and police services throughout the world.

Leduc Fire Services Pipe & Drums’ mission is to represent the Leduc Fire Services and Guard of Honour for the City of Leduc by promoting our department and community through participation in events around the world and providing musical instruction to a range of members and skillsets.

Events and lessons

The band takes great pride in the opportunity to honour our fallen brothers and sisters by providing the unique and traditional sound of a bagpipe band. Playing the finest in traditional Scottish and Irish music at both private and public audiences including weddings, funerals, graduations and many other events – as requested (individual piper or full band). Please contact us for pricing and availability.

LFSP&Ds is a teaching band and offers lesson to members to play either the bagpipes or drums. Open to members serving or retired from any of the emergency services or military and who is willing to commit the time and self-discipline to learn. Lesson are $25/session. Practice is every Thursday evening at Firehouse #1 (#2, 4119 50 Street, Leduc) from 6 – 9 pm. If you are interested or want more informaion, email