Fire Services Public Education Request Form

*Please note that 2 weeks notice is required for any request*

Fire House Tour

Details: Attendees will be taken through the truck bays and shown the fire trucks, ambulances, and equipment.

  • Maximum of 30 attendees, including supervisors
  • Required supervisor to child ratios:
    • Ages 4 - 7 (1:4)
    • Ages 8 - 12 (1:8)

Tours are directed at:

  • Kindergarten to Grade 6
  • Community Clubs and Groups
Fire house tour date and time options
Fire Safety Visit

Details:  A City of Leduc Fire Services member will attend your location to provide a presentation on one of the topics listed below.

Safety visits are directed at:

  • Kindergarten to grade 6
  • Community clubs and groups
  • Adults and seniors
Fire safety visit date and time options
Off Site Event

Details: A fire apparatus will attend sometime during the event timeline

Site events are directed at:

  • Block parties
  • Tournaments
  • Fundraisers


  • Firefighters will NOT serve alcohol
  • Attendance is not guaranteed, as operational requirements and emergency calls will take precedence at any event.
  • Please provide a detailed explanation of your event below.
Contact information