Wee Free Library


Registered Wee Free Library locations

Address Description
#3, 5204 - 50 St., Leduc (Willow Park) Outside of Best Copy Shop
5223 - 52 St., Leduc  (Willow Park)  
4514 46 Ave (South Telford) English & French books

What is a Wee Free Library? 

It is a ‘Give-a-Book, Take-a-Book’ gathering place where neighbours share their favorite books and literature.  
It is essentially a cupboard where individuals can stop by to take, give, borrow and/or return a book. It’s a great way to recycle and share the gift of reading with neighbours.   

Why have a Wee Free Library? 

The main goal…to build community! 

  • Can create a local gathering place. 
  • Can be a place to meet your neighbours. 
  • Provides a way for people to give to their community. 
  • Promotes reading and literacy.  
  • Great way to recycle literature.  

How do you start a Wee Free Library? 

  1. Decide where on your property you can safely install your library. It is best to choose a place that will be visible for community members, such as your front yard. The library must be placed on your property and comply with bylaws.   
  2. You will want your structure to be weatherproof to keep the books free from damage.  
  3. You can build, repurpose an item, or purchase a little free library – below are ideas to build or repurpose items you may already have at home. 
  4. If you would like to register your Wee Free Library so community members can easily find your location – please contact FCSS@leduc.ca or 780-980-7109. We will then add your libraries general location to this page. 
  5. Get your neighbours involved. Tell your friends, family and neighbours about your Wee Free Library. The more people who know about your library and support it, the better! Contact FCSS to book a Coffee Pop-Up for your library’s grand opening.