Travel Grants

Leduc’s Travel Grant is designed to assist City of Leduc individuals, teams, or volunteer coaches / instructors with the cost of travel. This includes provincial, western Canada, national or international events in which they represent the City of Leduc, or to receive training / instruction that will be taught in the community. 

Specific eligibility requirements for this grant include: 

  • Individuals must apply on behalf of their organization. Applicants travelling with a team cannot apply as an individual 
  • Individuals receiving funding must be a City of Leduc resident  
  • Opportunities include regional, provincial, inter-provincial, national or international events, competitions or training 

NOTE: Coaches and/or instructors who are volunteers cannot be compensated with wages or honorariums. Also, this grant is not intended for requests from past event reimbursements, political or religious events.

How to apply

Application intake must be received no later than eight (8) weeks prior to scheduled event.

Final report

All supporting travel receipts are required in the final report.

Deadline is four (4) weeks after the event has concluded.  

For general inquiries, application and final report submissions, please contact or 780-980-7117