Hearing Notices

The Municipal Government Act, R.S.A. 2000, Chapter M-26, as amended, requires city council to hold a public hearing with respect to a proposed bylaw to adopt or amend:

  • An inter-municipal development plan
  • A municipal development plan
  • An area structure plan
  • An area redevelopment plan
  • A land-use bylaw

Public Notices

Public Notices will be listed here when required.

Bylaw No. 1170-2024 - Proposed amendment to Land Use Bylaw
Bylaw No. 1170-2024 is to amend Bylaw No. 809-2013, the Land Use Bylaw of the City of Leduc, by repealing Bylaw 1051-2020 and redistricting part of the Robinson neighbourhood from the Direct Control DC(27) - Distinctive Design District to the RCD - Residential Compact Development District.
First reading

Bylaw No. 1171-2024 - Proposed amendment to Land Use Bylaw
Bylaw No. 1171-2024 proposes a number of amendments to the City's Land Use Bylaw, simplifying existing land use regulations. These amendments are intended to reduce development barriers and optimize existing infrastructure.
First reading​

Bylaw 1174-2024 –Proposed amendment to Land Use Bylaw (April 22)
Public notice for Bylaw 1174-2024 proposes an amendment to rezone a portion of Southfork for continued residential development.
First reading