Backyard Hens and Bees Pilot Program

The Hens and Bees pilot program offers up to 10 local households a chance to keep bees or hens in their back yard. Due to the current situation with COVID-19, extra safety measures are in place to help keep our residents safe.

Overall, the pilot program is designed to:

  • Enable local residents to extend their backyard gardening with the production of eggs or honey for their personal consumption;
  • Improve biodiversity;
  • Enhance residents’ connection to nature and contribute to their overall well-being; and
  • Gain feedback from participants, neighbours and the community on the program.

​There is currently no licence fee for pilot project applicants; however, if the program continues on a permanent basis a licence fee may apply for new applicants. The pilot project is a two-year program; licences granted as part of the pilot project will expire at the end of the program. At this time the continuation of the program will be reviewed based on the results of the pilot project. If the program is continued, successful participants will be prioritized for licence renewal, subject to approval by the Environmental Inspector.

Apply to participate
Applications are now being accepted and will be considered on a first come, first serve basis until the pilot program is full (i.e., five households for hen keeping and five households for beekeeping). Interested residents may apply to participate in either the hen keeping or beekeeping program, not both.

Need help with the application process?
Please call the Ecosmart Hotline at 780-980-7107 or email

General Pilot Program Guidelines

The keeping of backyard hens and bees in the City of Leduc is controlled and enforced under the Animal Licencing and Control Bylaw; only those who receive a licence from the City are eligible to do so. Learn more about the pilot program guidelines.

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Backyard Hen Keeping

The whole family can participate in keeping hens in your backyard and enjoy the fresh eggs your hens will produce!

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photo of beekeeping

Backyard Beekeeping

Learn everything you need to know about keeping bees in your backyard – and look forward to that delicious, fresh honey!

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Legislation & Bylaws

Provincial and municipal requirements ensure participants use best management practices to keep themselves, their families, their neighbours and the hens or bees safe and healthy.

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Education & Resources

Use the online and in-person resources to learn all about hen keeping and beekeeping as part of the City of Leduc pilot project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The City of Leduc is taking a neighbour friendly approach with the Hens and Bees pilot program. View some of the frequently asked questions about the program.

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