Every year, Mayor Young hosts the #influencers event to celebrate and recognize the outstanding young people in Leduc who demonstrate leadership in all its forms. The #influencers event is a youth-focused recognition for the young people in Leduc who make a positive impact on their families, their schools, their neighbourhoods, and their social circles in all sorts of ways!

Nominations for the 2020 #influencers event open Feb. 1. Click here to complete an online nomination form.

#Influencers FAQ

What is the #influencers event?
Held in the fall each year, the event is a chance for nominees and a few of their friends to attend a free, youth-centred event with fun activities, food, chances to win great prizes (including an iPad for our nominees!) and to meet other inspiring youth. The Mayor and other members of City Council plus influential community members and organizations from our community are in attendance to recognise #influencers for all they do.

What types of leadership should I look for in a young person?
We want to recognise ALL types of leadership. For some young people, leadership is shown by being the captain of their sport’s team, leading a club at school or volunteering their time to a community organization. For others, leadership is taking an active role to help with their siblings, working a part time job to contribute to their family’s income, or helping their neighbours. Still others might show leadership by being an excellent role model by focusing on improving their grades at school, working hard to improve their mental or physical health, or standing up for their beliefs or for others when it is the right thing to do. If you believe this person deserves recognition for their hard work, we believe they are an #influencer!

Who is eligible to be an #influencer?
Any young person who lives in and/or goes to school in Leduc and is currently in grade 9-12 (for the 2019/2020 school year) is eligible to be nominated.

Who can nominate a young person?
Anyone is welcome to nominate a qualifying young person! You may be a friend, sibling, teacher, coach, parent, neighbour, supervisor, co-worker, club leader, support person, or otherwise caring adult or peer!

How do I nominate a young person?
Nominations for #influencers will be accepted online from February 1 to June 30, 2020. Click the link near the top of this page to submit an online nomination.

Can I nominate more than one young person?
Yes! Please nominate as many young people you feel are deserving of recognition for their leadership in our community. Remember, they can be large or small acts of leadership!

The young person I am thinking of has probably already been nominated, I won’t bother submitting a nomination for them…
Please DO submit a nomination for even the brightest of our community’s shining stars! We welcome duplications! Every year we get nominations for grade 12 students that have NEVER been nominated but their nomination form clearly shows they have been amazing #influencers for years in our community! Don’t risk a young person going unrecognized! Nominate all the great #influencers you know!

How are #influencers chosen to attend? Should I encourage other people to nominate the young person I am thinking of so I know they will be selected?
Every eligible young person that is nominated will be invited to the event until our capacity is full! (See above for “who is eligible to be an #influencer” for details.) So if you know that the person you have in mind has been nominated by someone else, you don’t need to worry about nominating them a second, or third time!

This person was nominated last year, should I put their name forward again?
Absolutely! If they are still showing dedication to being a leader, we want to recognize them for their efforts!

I am part of a local business or organization and I want to get involved with this event. What opportunities are there for me?
Great! We wouldn’t be able to run the #influencers program without the support of local businesses and organizations and we are always looking for new people to partner with. Whether you are interested in donating a prize or helping to sponsor the event, we want to hear from you! Contact FCSS@leduc.ca to find out more and join our team!

Event Sponsorship

#Influencers is made possible through support from our generous sponsors and with the support and participation of the Boys & Girls Club of Leduc, City of Leduc Enforcement Services, Family & Community Support Services and Volunteer Leduc.

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Contact Us

If you have questions about #influencers, please contact FCSS@leduc.ca to learn more.