Drop-In Opportunities


Things you need to know - drop in opportunities in the Co-op Fieldhouse and Leduc County Courts

  • Check-in with Guest Services 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time.
  • Pre-booked spots will be held for 10 minutes past the appointment start time. If you are more than 10 minutes late, your spot will be released for a walk-in patron.
  • Please enter the facility as a group, gather outside the building and come in the East entrance together. 
  • Please come ready for your activity. There will be no dressing room access due to space requirements and disinfecting protocols.
  • Lockers will not be available.  Limit personal belongings to a labeled water bottle and equipment to play.
  • Shoe racks will be located at each court and the fieldhouse for outdoor shoes during your use
  • Washrooms will be available in the main corridor, across from the fireplace.
  • The water fountains will have bottle filling only.  The mouth piece will be disabled so please remember your water bottle.
  • Entrances and exits must be different to alleviate cross over transmission between uses.  To accommodate this, there are designated entry and exits for County of Leduc Courts and Co-op Fieldhouse.  
  • Disinfectant stations are available.  Disinfecting all equipment is recommended before and after use.
  • The Fieldhouse and Courts will be CLOSED every couple hours to facilitate our cleaning protocols that have been put in place.  Please refer to the schedule to confirm when so you can time your visit.
  • All users of the fieldhouse and arenas, whether you are participating or not, will require a scheduled appointment and to pay admission. This will help manage the overall numbers allowed within the amenity as per the guidelines in place. 
  • There will be no spectator seating or viewing available at this time.

Drop-in opportunity FAQ



Remember to Download the Live Leduc App to reserve your spot, schedule your drop-in appointment. Please ensure you book an appointment for the number of people coming to enjoy the activity of your choice e.g. if you have a cohort of 4, choose 4 people from the drop-down – all will be under the Mobile App users name.

Badminton 1 reservation & 1 walk-in for up to 4 people Net 1 & 3 available
Basketball 1 reservation & 1 walk-in for up to 4 people Net 1 & 2 available
Pickleball 1 reservation & 1 walk-in for up to 4 people Net 1 & 3 available
Soccer 1 reservation for up to 8 people (to play 4 on 4)  
Tennis 1 reservation for 2 people max  
Volleyball 1 reservation for up to 8 people (to play 4 on 4)  

Drop-in opportunity schedule


Drop-in schedules are open to anyone, so long as supervision and equipment requirements are met. Some activities have specific requirements which must be met in order for you to participate.

Occasionally, we have to change our schedule or cancel drop-in programs to allow for special events or room maintenance. We post updates on our Facebook page, as well the LRC homepage. To prevent disappointment, please remember to confirm the facility schedules before arriving.