Multiway Trail System

There are more than 85 km of scenic multi-use pathways within Leduc. Many of these trails are cleared throughout the winter to ensure year-round access. 

>> Multiway Trail Map

Multiway Guidelines

  • Ride predictably; ring your bell: Cyclists should avoid sudden swerves or changes in direction. Keep to the right and yield the right-of-way to slower moving pedestrian traffic. Ring your bell to notify slower trail users that you are approaching and intend to pass. Pass on the left. 
  • Speed Smart: Adjust to the conditions and travel at a speed that is reasonable considering weather, trail conditions, and traffic volume. 
  • Stay Alert: Stay focused and avoid distractions. Keep an eye out for obstacles, pedestrians and other trail users. Exercise caution to avoid collissions, especially when entering or exiting the trail onto a roadway or approaching a blind spot, corner or hill. 
  • Move aside: whether a pedestrian or cyclist, always move aside when you hear a bell ring, signalling that someone is approaching from behind and that they intend to pass you. Move to the right so they can pass on the left. Likewise, when stopping, move off the trail. 
  • Practice responsible pet ownershipclean up after your pets immediately, and keep pets on a leash no more than 2 metres long. 

For more information please call Public Services at 780-980-7133 or Enforcement Services at 780-980-1537.