About the Plan

Leduc’s Local Action Plan for GHG Emission Reduction is a made-in-Leduc solution to the global issue of our changing climate. Our plan respects our unique local priorities, using the lessons we have learned from our established environmental initiatives and others who have tackled similar challenges.

Our local action plan can:

  • produce a cleaner, healthier and even safer community,
  • save the city, residents and business money,
  • increase community resiliency against future regulations and pricing, and
  • reduce climate impacts.

As part of developing the action plan, Leduc has :

  • approved a 10-year Weather and Climate Readiness Plan,
  • started implementing the readiness plan,
  • completed a baseline assessment of Leduc’s current GHG emissions, and
  • secured a $113,600 grant from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, with assistance from the Government of Canada, to develop the action plan.

Plan development timeline

April - June 2018 Conduct public survey and a series of civic staff and stakeholder workshops to generate a vision and action options.
June - August 2018 Develop options and model GHG reduction scenarios from community input.
Early 2019 Hold a public open house on the draft GHG action plan for further discussion
February - March 2019 Finalize the Plan
By April 2019 Present final recommendations to City Council