Sports Field Status

Status last updated:
Oct. 13, 2016 4pm

City Area Status Comment
Aileen Faller Park CLOSED  
Christ the King - Soccer Field CLOSED  
Christ the King - Diamonds CLOSED  
Corinthia Park - Soccer Field CLOSED  
Corinthia Park - Diamonds CLOSED  
Elks Park - Soccer Fields CLOSED  
Elks Park - Diamonds CLOSED  
John Bole Athletic Park - Football Field & Track CLOSED  
John Bole Athletic Park - Practice Football Field CLOSED  
Fred Johns Park Reservoir Diamonds CLOSED  
Simpon Park - Diamond CLOSED  
William F. Lede Park - Soccer Fields CLOSED  
William F. Lede Park - Rugby/Football Field CLOSED  
William F. Lede Park - Ball Diamonds CLOSED  

Field status updates will be made by 5pm


OPEN: Fields & diamonds are in playing condition

USER DISCRETION: Please use your judgment. If the field is too wet, slippery and unsafe, or if your play will cause turf damage, please cancel and reschedule. 

CLOSED: City of the Leduc has deemed these fields unplayable due to severe weather and/or increased probability of risk and damage. User takes on full responsibility for any damages or risk if diamond/field is played on. 

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