The City's Report Card

The City of Leduc reports back to residents in a variety of ways on programs and services provided to the community, as well as resident feedback on that work. This information is compiled and shared through the annual report, State of the City Address and the periodic citizen satisfaction surveys. 

Citizen Satisfaction Survey 

The City has closed the 2023 Citizen Satisfaction Survey, which measures public opinion/perception of City services, communication and overall value for money. Results of the survey will be shared with City Council and the community later this year. Feedback from the survey will be used to guide future planning and service delivery to the community. 

State of the City Address 

The State of the City Address is a summary of civic programs and services, and is delivered annually by Leduc City Council. Additionally, the address shares what we have in store for the future. The 2022 State of the City was shared during an event, hosted by the Leduc Regional Chamber of Commerce on May 6, 2022.  

Annual Report 

Prepared after the close of each year, the annual report delivers concise, data-driven information and is the primary conduit for citizens and stakeholders to monitor progress. The 2022 Annual Report contains achievements for each focus area in the City of Leduc’s strategic plan along with select, relevant statistics and a financial overview of revenues and expenses. 

Media Consumption Habits Survey 

The 2021 Media Consumption Habits Survey was open from May 31 to July 7 and was conducted to help the City of Leduc better understand where people find the information they need for their daily lives. The results will be used to help share information with the community in a more effective way.