Recycle Coach

Recycle Coach, the City’s new, improved – and free – waste sorting and collection calendar app, gives residents easier ways than ever before to sort smarter.  The Recycle Coach is a customized, updated program that works on both Android and Apple platforms and offers users:

  • sorting information to properly recycle or dispose of items,
  • customized collection calendars by address,
  • optional collection reminders by phone, text or e-mail,
  • a new tool to report issues such as missed collections,
  • news and alerts about Leduc’s waste management programs, events and more, and
  • things you need to know about recycling.  

Access Recycle Coach through your web browser, or download the app on your device from the Apple app store or the Google Playstore.  Questions? Call the Eco-smart hotline at 780-980-7107 or email

A tour of the app functions

recycle-coach_screen-capture - home.jpg recycle-coach_screen-capture - schedule.jpg



  • Collection schedule by month
  • Upcoming collection for next two weeks
recycle-coach_screen-capture - search.jpg recycle-coach_screen-capture - news.jpg


  • Sorting feature - type in a product and find out disposal options
  • Additional information included such as drop off locations and the Eco-smart email help service


  • Program updates, changes and sorting tips or reminders
recycle-coach_screen-capture - 3 things.jpg recycle-coach_screen-capture - report.jpg


  • Changes to blue bag recycling


  • Choose from a list of technical and collection problems
recycle-coach_screen-capture - help.jpg  


  • Support on using the app from Recycle Coach

How to install Recycle Coach app

  • Go to the App Store (Apple) or the Google Play Store (Android) or view it in your web browser.
  • You can also scan the below QR code with your phone to download the app.
  • Search for Recycle Coach – Municipal Media Inc.
  • Install the app and allow notifications to receive collection reminders.
  • Confirm your location as Leduc, Alberta and enter your home address.
  • Review the four information screens by swiping or ‘skip’. When the City of Leduc image appears, you are ready to go!

The Recycle Coach replaces the Sort Smart app.

Optional Collection Reminders

Let Recycle Coach help keep you organized! You can set your app (under Settings) to give you automatic phone, text or e-mail collection reminders with timeframes ranging from one week to one hour before your scheduled service – or only when there are holiday changes. You can request automatic reminders for:

Under Settings and News and Alerts you can also set your app for e-mail, text or phone reminders about various information updates including:

  • emergencies such as extreme weather that may disrupt the collection schedule,
  • program changes,
  • sorting tips and reminders,
  • collection tips and reminders,
  • recycling and waste event reminders,
  • invitations, and
  • tips and suggestions from Recycle Coach.

Voice activated features

How to install voice-activated feature

Sorting is now as easy as asking a question! Recycle Coach is compatible with voice command functions such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.  This feature is only for sorting questions and you need to refer to the app within your phone for collection information.

How to activate:

  • Ensure you have downloaded the Google Assistant app (Apple/ iOS) or the Amazon Alexa app (Android).
  • Ensure your settings allow the device to access your location to receive Leduc-specific directions.
  • For Amazon Alexa use your voice to turn Alexa skills on or off.  Simply say “Enable Recycle Coach” to turn on and “Disable Recycle Coach” to turn off.
  • For Google Assistant, activating the Google Assistant is as easy as saying “Okay Google, talk to Recycle Coach”.

How to use with your voice-activated device

  • For Amazon Alexa app products such as the Echo, once you have the skill enabled, ask Alexa your waste and recycling questions such as:
    • “Alexa, ask Recycle Coach, if glass jars are recyclable?”
    • “Alexa, ask Recycle Coach, what do I do with used Keurig pods?”
    • “Alexa, ask Recycle Coach, do pizza boxes go in the garbage?”
  • For Google Assistant apps for Android and iOS, simply ask your disposal question
    • “Okay Google, ask Recycle Coach, can I put aerosol cans in the garbage?”
    • “Okay Google, ask Recycle Coach, can I recycle Styrofoam?”
    • “Okay Google, ask Recycle Coach, how to get rid of a cast iron tub?