Rainwater Collection

Why use a rain barrel?

  • Conserves water
  • Reduces energy
  • Saves money
  • Rain water doesn't contain chlorine, lime or calcium

How to set up a rain barrel

Find a suitable location:

  • Place the barrel under a downspout on a raised surface (avoid locations near gas or water meters)
  • The barrel's drainage spout must be at least 5 ft. from the residence

Connect downspout:

  • Remove existing clamp and elbow from the downspout
  • Mark the height of the rain barrel and cut the downspout to redirect it to the top of the barrel
  • Pinch the end of the downspout and reinsert the elbow (if it doesn't reach, an extension is required)

How to maintain a rain barrel

  • Use a screen to keep out bugs and small animals.
  • Winterize by draining the barrel, leaving an open valve.
  • Turn upside down and store the barrel away from its current location

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