Lede Park Outdoor Fitness Area


The City of Leduc is offering another way for its residents to live an active lifestyle within our community with the installation of an Outdoor Fitness Area in William F. Lede Park.

The Outdoor Fitness Park features 15 pieces of equipment:

  • 3 chin-up/pull-up bars
  • 3 plyometric boxes
  • push-up bar
  • parallel bars
  • ab bench
  • dip station
  • vertical ladder
  • balance board
  • challenge ladder
  • stable row
  • 2 step station 

The equipment in this fitness park is focussed on functional movements meaning you use your bodyweight to do the exercises, however, you can bring your own equipment from home to enhance your workout at the fitness park (ie. Dumbbells, TRX, Resistance Bands, etc.).

The fitness park is FREE to use and is intended for those ages 18+ years. There are no supervisors or instructors located at the fitness park. Use at our own risk and work at an intensity level that you are comfortable with. We have included a list of videos below showing you how to use the different pieces of equipment.

How do I get to the Outdoor Fitness Park?

The best way to get to the Outdoor Fitness Park is by parking at the Outdoor Volleyball Courts and walking south on the path towards the soccer fields. You will see the Sunshine Playground to your left and the Outdoor Fitness Park right beside it.