ATTENTION: Water Restrictions are in Effect
Please be advised that the The City of Leduc has imposed water restrictions on its residents as demand rates continue to outpace draw rates. The City has discontinued all non-essential activities to allow its reservoirs to catch up, including: sewer flushing, firefighter training and hydrant flushing. Regular lawn requirements are 2.5 cm of water per week. Residents are asked to follow the City’s odd/even alternate day lawn watering program: If your residence has an odd-number house you would water your lawn on an odd calendar day, and if your residence has an even number then you would water your lawn on an even calendar day. 

Please be advised that the City of Leduc does not have a complete fire ban in effect. Currently all open air burning has been suspended until moisture conditions improve. Fire Services asks citizens using solid fuel barbecues to do so responsibly, particularly in parks and other public areas. Fire pits must be in compliance with the Fire Services Bylaw, if not, firefighting costs may be imposed on the owner/operator of any non-compliant fire pit.


 Door-to-door census workers will be out in the community starting May 25, 2015. We appreciate everyone's co-operation. For more information, please click HERE.

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