City of Leduc Proclamations

A proclamation is a formal public statement made by a mayor on behalf of council to declare a day, week or month to raise awareness for an event or cause. Leduc Mayor Greg Krischke receives a number of proclamation requests throughout the year:


>> Food Bank Week: Oct. 1 - 7
>> Culture Days: Sept. 29 - Oct. 1
>> Prostate Cancer Awareness Month: September 2017
>> Seniors' Week: June 5 - 11, 2017
>> June is Recreation and Parks Month 2017
>> Oil and Gas Awareness Day: Feb. 13, 2017


>> National Teen Driver Safety Week: Oct. 16 - 22
>> Culture Days: September 30 - Oct. 2, 2016
>> Prostate Cancer Awareness Month: September 2016
>> Seniors' Week: June 6
>> National Health and Fitness Day: June 4
>> Public Works Week: May 15 - 21
>> Communities in Bloom Week: May 2 - May 8
>> Rail Safety Week: April 25 - May 1

International Right to Know Week: Sept. 25 - Oct. 1, 2017

September 28 marks International Right to Know Day. Around 40 countries and 60 non-governmental organizations celebrate Right to Know Day. The purpose of Right to Know is to raise awareness of an individual’s right to access government information, while promoting freedom of information as essential to both democracy and good governance.

The municipality uses this week to highlight government information that is easily accessible, yet many citizens are unaware of where to find it and/or their right to access it.

In 2003, the Open Society Justice Initiative identified the 10 Right to Know Principles:

  1. Access to information is a right of everyone
  2. Access is the rule—secrecy is the exception
  3. The right applies to all public bodies
  4. Making requests should be simple, speedy, and free
  5. Officials have a duty to assist requesters
  6. Refusals must be justified
  7. The public interest takes precedence over secrecy
  8. Everyone has the right to appeal an adverse decision
  9. Public bodies should pro-actively publish core information
  10. The right should be guaranteed by an independent body

>> More information About Right to Know


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