Become a Swim Instructor


Current Employment Opportunities

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  • Aquatic Certification Sponsorship Program (City sponsored certification courses) – if it’s been awhile since you’ve completed your swimming lesson levels and you want to freshen up, or you’re unsure if you have a good understanding of the skills required for these courses, register for one (or more) of our FREE Aquatic Skills Assessment sessions.
  • Standard First Aid – Blended Learning (free with registration in Assistant Lifeguard or Lifeguard Course) – Blended learning pairs online learning for the First Aid theory components with a 1-day in-person skills evaluation.
  • Red Cross Assistant Lifeguard (ALG) – this is the pre-requisite course to the Red Cross Lifeguard program. Must be 13 years old and have an Emergency or Standard First Aid certificate to register. Successful participants 15+ years old are encouraged to apply on our Assistant Lifeguard position posting.
  • Water Safety Instructor (WSI) Course – register and successfully complete a Skills Evaluation, onlione component and classroom/pool component in order to complete your WSI certification.

How to Register

Check out our Registered Swim Instructor programs online or call Guest Services at 780-980-7120.

Water Safety Instructor (WSI) Development Program

Our Water Safety Instructor Development Program is certified by the Red Cross. Courses run throughout the year, so you can register anytime. See the current issue of the City Guide to view upcoming courses.

The WSI program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to teach swimming & water safety while promoting safe attitudes in, on & around the water. The program consists of 4 components, all of which must be finished for successful completion of the WSI certification.

Before you register: You must be 15 years old at the start of the course and you must have your Standard First Aid or Assistant Lifeguard certification.

100% attendance & participation of all WSI course components is required.


PART 1: Skills Evaluation

The initial skills assessment can be completed before, during or after you're finished the online modules (part 2), but must be completed before you can start the classroom portion. This component must be registered for and completed separately from the other 3 components. Make sure you register for a Skills Evaluation that takes place before your classroom component.

You will be evaluated on:

  • Water safety skills & strokes (based on Red Cross Swim Kids 10 performance criteria)
  • Instructor Emergency Response (IER) skills to ensure the WSI candidate can identify & demonstrate how to prevent & manage any emergency situation that may arise in the instructional setting

If you'd like to brush up on your skills & strokes before the skills evaluation, register for one or more of our FREE Aquatic Skills Development Sessions.

PART 2: Online Professional Development Modules

This 14 - 20 hour online component focuses on instruction theory. Your knowledge is tested through videos, virtual games, workbook & online activities, and a self-evaluation at the end of each module. You can complete the learning at your own pace, but you must have finished the modules before you start the the teaching experience & classroom portions of the program.

PART 3: Teaching Experience

Once the first two steps are completed, you'll put in at least 8 hours of co-teaching. This can be completed at a Red Cross facility of your choice. Please note it's your responsibility to make arrangements. To arrange your teaching experience at the LRC, email

You will need:

  • At least 4 hours teaching with Red Cross Preschool classes
  • At least 4 hours teaching with Red Cross Swim Kids classes

PART 4: Classroom & Pool Component

This 25 hour portion of the course further develops instructional techniques by focusing on your ability to plan & teach the Red Cross Program successfully. Please note the course conductors will review your online workbook activities to ensure understanding of the concepts and completion of the required activities.

Water Safety Instructor Career Opportunities

Once you’ve received your certification, you can start working at aquatic facilities or you can go on to get your lifeguard training and have even more job opportunities. Here are some of the positions at the LRC. Please check out the City of Leduc’s employment opportunities.

Junior Instructor: certified as a Red Cross Water Safety Instructor with no Lifeguard qualification.

Lifeguard/Instructor I & II: certified as both a Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor.

Senior Lifeguard/Instructor I & II: experienced as both a Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor in addition to holding various additional advanced leadership certifications.

Lead Instructor: experienced Lifeguards and Water Safety Instructors that supervise the daily programs at the Aquatic Centre.