It's Never Anyone's Plan

This is the edge of homelessness

People of all different circumstances are on the edge of homelessness in Leduc. Poverty, affordable housing shortages, domestic and family violence, are some of the many factors that contribute to our residents living without stable and safe housing.

Homelessness Myths and Questions

Stories of Hope

At 14-years-old, Jack was living on the streets in Leduc and struggling with addiction.

Stories of Hope

After struggling with mental illness and homelessness, Ken was able to find refuge at the Leduc Hub Community Connection Centre.

Stories of Hope

This couple struggled to even keep a roof over their heads or have enough food.

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Living in poverty or without a stable shelter is never anyone's plan.

What's out there

Sometimes in our toughest moments, it’s hard to know where to turn or to remember what’s available for support in our community. We want to help!

Additional Information

To view additional information about homelessness, poverty, and more please find the listed resources.

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