Industrial Development


The energy sector and energy related businesses have been critical to economic growth in Leduc and Alberta’s International Region. As a result, the region has evolved into an integral center for the growth of Alberta and Canada’s economy. Aggressive new investment and innovation have been pivotal to the region’s success. New investment has led to rapid growth in the sub-sectors of clean and renewable technologies. Seventy primary and support companies have located in Leduc to build this sector to what it is today. They support drilling and exploration activities in the oil sands and around Alberta. These companies benefit from the region’s strategic location and excellent highway, air and rail infrastructure.

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing is an established, vital sector in the Leduc economy. The sector is comprised of more than 70 companies utilizing new technology and the efficiencies of lean production to realize advances in energy, chemical, equipment, and metal fabrications.

Sectors such as transportation complement and support the needs of the manufacturing sector. Leduc provides an ideal environment to foster this growth with access to research, expertise and supportive industry leadership that has made the city a global trailblazer. 


Leduc is a nexus for transportation and logistics both domestically and globally. Port Alberta, a hub which ties the transportation infrastructure together with the services of customs brokers, third-party logistics service providers and a cargo village within a free-trade zone, provides Leduc immeasurable advantages in accessibility and distribution. The Edmonton International Airport, the primary air passenger and air cargo facility in the region, is situated 10 minutes from Leduc. The airport handles more than 8,000,000 passengers a year with more than 30,000 tonnes of freight passing through its doors a year.  Two railways, Canadian Pacific and Canadian Nation, transport goods to markets and ports east as well as to the ports in British Columbia and markets in the United States.  A network of highways – the Trans Canada which runs east

and west from coast to coast, and the Queen Elizabeth II which runs north and south and links Alberta to the CanMex Corridor – strengthens Leduc’s access to outlying markets. This ground infrastructure supports access to three ports along the Pacific Ocean: Port Metro Vancouver Deep-sea Terminal, Port Alberni, and the Port of Seattle. Each of these ports handles high volumes of traffic and has direct access to Asian markets.

Notable Companies:

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