Responsible Pet Ownership

Please do your part to know the pet ownership rules in Leduc and ensure your cat or dog is a healthy pet and companion, and positive addition to both your household and the community. 

Responsible pet ownership includes:

  • Knowing and following the rules in Leduc's Animal Licencing & Control Bylaw 
  • Registering your pet with a licence
  • Spaying and neutering your pet
  • Picking up and disposing of your pet's waste
  • Ensuring your pet is not a hazard or nuisance to others
  • Keeping your cat indoors
  • Keeping your pet on a leash when off your property

Pet owners are permitted to own a maximum of 3 dogs and 3 cats within the city limits. 

Pet Licences

Pets are part of the family, so it's important to register them with a licence. Licencing helps us get your lost pet back to you quicker.

The Animal Licencing & Control Bylaw requires licencing of all dogs and cats starting at six months of age. 

  • It is a one-time* fee for the lifetime of the animal registered. Exception: Restricted dog licences must be renewed annually with proof of adequate insurance.
  • There is an option to make your contact information available through the Pet Owner Search so anyone who finds your pet can enter the licence number on your pet's tag and contact you.
  • All licenced pets are required to wear a collar and tag 

Failure to purchase a pet licence: 

  • Failure to purchase a pet licence is a bylaw violation.
  • The bylaw fine is $50 for the first offence. 
  • A seized animal will not be released until all licencing fines are paid in full.
  • Fine payments are accepted at Black Gold Kennels and must be cash. 

To purchase your pet licence: 

If you no longer own your licenced pet, contact the Finance department at 780-980-7177.

Lost & Found Animals

If your pet is lost: 

  • Call Enforcement Services at 780-980-1537. Messages are monitored regularly and your call will be processed as soon as possible.
  • Call Black Gold Kennels at 780-980-2897 to see if your pet was taken there. They provide pound services for the City, which includes shelter and care to dogs and cats the City impounds pursuant to the Animal Licencing and Control Bylaw. 

If you find a dog or cat: 

  • If it wears a City of Leduc tag, check the number on our online Pet Owner Search. If the pet owner has given permission, their contact information will be listed. 
  • If no tag is present, call Enforcement Services at 780-980-1537. 
  • If the animal is injured and in distress, call 7800-980-7267.


Beware that sandboxes can be used as large litter boxes by cats. Various bacteria and parasites that can cause disease in people can be present in the feces. Children playing in a sandbox arer not aware of what they should or shouldn't be picking up. 

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