Snow Removal

The snow and ice control program in Leduc helps keep the community safe and mobile. It includes two areas of focus: snow clearing and snow removal. With over 540 lane kilometers of roads and 90 kilometers of sidewalks and trails to maintain, every effort makes a difference to an efficient process. 

Snow clearing 

When the snow falls, crews begin the process to clear city streets, sidewalks, recreational areas and parking lots, and lay sand to control ice.  

When a major snowfall happens, crews clear one temporary pathway down the middle of every street in the city for emergency access, if required. Snow plowing may occur on any street, road or lane at any time if the street becomes impassible for emergency response vehicles. 

Snow removal 

Once a certain amount of compacted snow is accumulated, crews begin to remove snow following this prioritization: 

  1. Downtown commercial: begins after 5 cm of compacted snow is accumulated 
  2. Remaining downtown area: begins after 7–10 cm of compacted snow is accumulated 
  3. Collector roads: begins after 7–10 cm of compacted snow is accumulated 
  4. Residential streets: begins after 15 cm of compacted snow is accumulated 

Collector routes and residential areas are completed on a rotational basis with the order reversed after each removal process, barring any modifications required for waste collection and resource availability. At any time, snow removal in one area may be suspended so crews can revisit higher priority roads that have received additional snowfall. 

The City also removes snow from sidewalks, multi-ways, outdoor ice surfaces and parking lots.   

Parking bans, tag and tow 

Two types of parking bans – seasonal or residential – can be declared to help crews efficiently clear collector and residential roads.  

Seasonal Parking Ban  

Will impact collector roads (e.g., 48 Street and Corinthia Drive). You will be given 24 hours’ notice to move your vehicles before the parking ban goes into effect. Permanent signage has been installed to identify these roads. This ban will last 1–2 days. 

Residential Snow Removal Parking Ban  

Will impact residential roads. Temporary signage (with dates) will be placed at the entrance to neighbourhoods giving you 48 hours’ notice to move your vehicles before the parking ban goes into effect. Residential parking bans will rotate as crews move through residential neighbourhoods in the City. This ban will last up to 1-4 days. 

The City will monitor and attempt to contact the owners of any vehicles not removed from the street, as a courtesy, on the day of snow removal. If we are unable to contact you, your vehicle will be towed to a nearby street that has either been cleared or is not affected by the ban. You will be issued a $250 ticket to cover the towing expense.  

If a towed vehicle is not collected within 72 hours, it will be considered abandoned and towed to an impound facility where it will be subject to impound fees in addition to the issued ticket.  

All parking bans end once the street has been cleared and windrows are removed. 

Ice control 

As road conditions become slippery, abrasives and/or melting agents may be applied to hazardous locations such as intersections, curves, railway crossings and school crosswalks. Residential intersections, lane entrances and exits may be sanded only as required. 

Leduc does not use salt on residential roads. This prevents contamination of storm ponds and is more environmentally friendly for lawns, trees and sidewalks. Instead, finely crushed rock is used across the city; it is environmentally benign and has far superior traction than sand for both cars and pedestrians. 

Dry sand is available for free at multiple locations for any residents who want to neutralize ice

Your responsibilities 

Your effort is essential to keeping our streets clear and safe each winter. We appreciate your help to:   

  • Remove any rubber driveway/curb pads, basketball nets, or other materials along your curb   
  • Keep fire hydrant areas clear of snow   
  • Move your cars off the street when a parking ban is declared  
  • Shovel snow onto your property, not onto the roadway   

Report a problem 

Please report any issues by using the SeeClickFix app or by calling 780-980-7133 during business hours.  

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