Leduc Transit Services offers subsidized transit passes for low-income residents

In partnership with the Government of Alberta, Leduc Transit is offering eligible Leduc residents half-fare passes for Leduc Transit and Leduc Assisted Transit Services (LATS) local and regional routes. 

To access the subsidized passes, residents are required to call Leduc’s Family & Community Support Services (FCSS) to arrange an intake meeting and determine whether they qualify.  


Who is eligible for subsidized transit passes? 

To be eligible for the subsidized transit pass program, you must: 

  • Be a City of Leduc resident 
  • Prove your household income meets low-income cut off confirmed by an income/bank statement  

Household Size 


CRA Income cut off  

Gross Income (after taxes) 


1 person 


$ 35,000 


2 persons 


$ 45,000 


3 persons 


$ 47,500 


4 persons 


$ 50,000 


5 persons 


$ 52,500 


6 persons 


$ 55,000 


7 persons or more 


$ 57,000 


Add $2500 for any additional family members 

How do I arrange an intake meeting? 
To book an intake meeting, call FCSS at 780-980-7109 

How long do I qualify for a subsidized transit pass once approved? 
Once you’ve been approved, you will be eligible for a reduced transit pass for 12 consecutive months, or until funding is no longer available

How do I pick up my subsidized transit pass? 
Once approved, you will be able to purchase your subsidized transit pass at the Civic Centre’s Finance counter. 

Where can I learn more about Leduc Transit and LATS? 
To learn more about Leduc Transit and LATS routes, schedules and fares, visit leductransit.ca 

What other support services does FCSS provide? 
To learn more about other support services FCSS provides to residents, visit leduc.ca/fcss.