Leduc Census 2019


Leduc Census 2019 concluded May 31, 2019, and the city is pleased to report a new population of 33,032, which is a 1.8 per cent growth over 2018.
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The City of Leduc has conducted an annual municipal census since 2008 to ensure the city receives provincial funding proportionate with Leduc’s fast growing population. Leduc relies on provincial funding to help offset the costs of many important services, including infrastructure improvements and maintenance, the public library, Family & Community Support Services, and the RCMP. The benefits of census data also reach far beyond meeting the current and future needs of the city. The data meets the planning requirements for businesses, funding requirements for communities and advises individuals on locations to live, work and play.


For more information about the City of Leduc's municipal census:


2019 - Main location of employment report  2019 - Highest educational achievement report
2019 - Main language spoken (other than English) report 2019 - Gender report
2019 - Length living at current residence report 2019 - Employment school status report
2019 - Living at residence less than one year - prior residence report 2019 - Employment occupation report
2019 - Birth year report 2019 - Birth month report 
2019 - Population by neighbourhood report  2019 - Employment occupation by neighbourhood report
2019 - Highest education achievement by neighbourhood report 2019 - Employment location by neighbourhood report
2019 - Gender by neighbourhood report 2019 - Birth year by neighbourhood report
2019 - Employment or school status by neighbourhood report  



Historical Census Data

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