Vision, Mission & Values

Photo of Strategic Plan

The City of Leduc's 2023-2026 Strategic Plan is updated every four years and outlines the City's vision, mission and values. It also outlines City Council's commitments and focus areas, and serves as a guiding document for Council and Administration as we plan for the future.


The City's vision is: A great life. A caring community. A thriving region.


The City's mission is: People. Building. Community.


City Council's values are:

  • A citizen focus
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Excellence and prosperity
  • A committed city team
  • Financial balance
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Social justice
  • Partnering for success
  • A regional focus

Focus Areas

City Council's focus areas are:

  • A city where people want to live
  • A city with a plan for the future
  • An economically prosperous city and region
  • A collaborative community-builder and regional partner


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