Taxi Operation and Taxi Vehicle Permit

Under the City of Leduc Taxi Bylaw, a taxi is defined as a motor vehicle used or offered for the transportation of at least one passenger in return for fee from any place within the City of Leduc to a destination within or outside of the city. All vehicles transporting passengers for a fare are considered a taxi and are subject to the Taxi Bylaw.

Taxi Operation Permit

A taxi operation permit is provided to approved taxi companies, similar to a business licence. To qualify for a taxi operation permit, a company must meet the following criteria:

  • A minimum of three vehicles with valid taxi vehicle permits
  • 24 hour dispatch and taxi driving service
  • A completed Taxi Statutory Declaration
  • Established current fares/ rates

Taxi Vehicle Permit

Taxi vehicles permits are given to each individual vehicle operating as a taxi. These stickers are a visual identifier to the public that the vehicle is safe and legal to operate in Leduc. To qualify for a taxi vehicle permit, the vehicle must have:

To Apply

To apply for either a taxi operation permit or a taxi vehicle permit, a company must submit the following to a City of Leduc Planning and Development Department:

  • A copy of the company name and Provincial Registration Identification (as registered through Alberta Registries)
  • Contact information including contact person, phone number, email and business address
  • Copy of current fares/ rates
  • Completed Taxi Statutory Declaration
  • Documents for each vehicle, including vehicle registration, insurance and mechanical inspection

Visual Identifiers

Taxis are required to have all of these visual identifiers so the public is aware that they are safe and legal to operate in Leduc.


Taxi Bylaw Taxi Bylaw Checklist
SAMPLE Statutory Declaration