Secondary Suite Addressing

Leduc residents with legal secondary suites on their property can apply for mailing addresses for the suites through the City of Leduc. Suite addressing assigns a permanent address to authorized secondary dwellings that are properly permitted and Alberta Building Code compliant. 

DISCLAIMER: Only suites that are permitted developments, and Alberta Building Code compliant, may be assigned an address. Residents who apply for an address for a secondary suite may require an inspection. If the space is not Code compliant, owners will be required to rectify all issues, at their own cost, before the unit may be issued an address. 

Benefits of a formally addressed secondary suite: 

  1. Addressed suites can better accommodate parcel and mail deliveries 
  2. Tenants will be able to set up their own utility services such as cable and internet 
  3. Emergency responders will be aware of the secondary dwelling in an emergency 


Is it mandatory for me to request an address for my secondary suite?   

No. The secondary suite address is at the discretion of the property owner. Addresses will only be provided upon request for existing suites. For new suites, and address will be provided with the Development Permit.   


How do I request an address on a secondary suite on my property?    

You can find a version of the form on the website, once completed, please send your request via email to, or call 780-980-7124 for more information and assistance.  


If I live in the secondary suite, but do not own the property, can I request the address or does my landlord need to do so?   

The request should be made by the property owner or with the property owner’s permission. 


What will it cost me to get an address?   

There is no cost for the City to assign an address. Any potential costs resulting from the assignment, such as placing the new address on the building, are not determined by the City and are up to the property owner to coordinate and cover.   


What will the new address look like?   

The secondary suite address will include the current address number plus one of: A, B, C, D or G to indicate front, rear, sides, or garden/garage.  


Where on my building should the new address be put?   

The size and location need to be in line with the municipal addressing bylaw.  

What type of information should I provide as part of my secondary suite address request?   

All the required information is outlined in the application form. 


Will the City coordinate the address set-up with Canada Post, or is the property owner or suite tenant required to do so once the address is provided?   

The City will provide the new address to Canada Post and utility companies. Once the new address is provided, the property owner / tenant can coordinate mail services with Canada Post.  


How will this affect utilities billing at my property?   

No changes to current utilities billing are anticipated; however, the suite tenant may be able to set up separate internet/cable services such as Shaw or TELUS.    


How do I know if my suite is legal or not? Does the City have this on record?   

Secondary suites must be authorized by permit. Property owners are responsible for suite records and proof of legality. The City does not keep development permits (nor plans) on record.   


I submitted my request and was told the City needed to inspect my suite. Why?   

The City may follow-up (i.e., inspect) upon notification of non-authorized suites; any request regarding a non-authorized suite may result in inspection from development and safety code officers.   


What will happen if the City inspects my suite and it does not comply with the current Building Code or the Code that existed when it was built and approved?   

It is possible that structural changes, at the cost of the property owner, will be legally required to bring the suite into compliance.   


If my suite is older, and doesn’t conform to the current Code but did when it was built, will I have to make changes to it to comply?   

If there have been no changes to the suite since it was legally built, in accordance with the standards at the time of building, it should not require any structural changes.