City seeks public feedback on location of new temporary off-leash dog park

Monday, August 14, 2023

The City of Leduc expects to open at least one temporary off-leash dog park next summer and invites residents to provide input on where it might be located. Three sites under consideration are Deer Valley Gardens, Harry Bienert Park, and Suntree Greenspace.  

An online survey will be open until Sept. 29. The survey results and technical considerations such as accessibility, land ownership, and future projects in the park will be used to determine which, if any, neighbourhoods will be piloted. 

Details about the proposed off-leash dog park(s): 

  • The park(s) will be available from early summer through the fall; hours of operation will be the same as all City park spaces.
  • Sites will have temporary fencing, dog waste recepticals and signage that clearly identifies the off-leash boundaries and outlines the responsibilities of dog owners. 
  • The park(s) will be open to dogs of all sizes.  

The community is also encouraged to review the existing off-leash dog park locations, which includes a site at William F. Lede Park that is for small dogs only  

For more information, please refer to the City’s Parkland Bylaw 689-2007.

Sites under consideration: 

Proposed Off Leash Dog Park Map.jpg

Proposed Off-Leash Dog Park FAQs 

How were the proposed neighborhoods and sites selected?  

Neighbourhoods were selected based on their proximity to existing off-leash areas, number of licensed dogs nearby, requests for the establishment of off-leash areas by residents and presence of off-leash dogs.  

  • Some of the considerations for the locations were:  
  • Availability and zoning of parkland  
  • Adjacent land uses and setbacks  
  • Fit within the overall park site  
  • Ability to be serviced by operations crews 
  • Accessibility factors like the terrain, proximity to paved trails and sidewalks with curb cuts to access them   
  • Sightlines  
  • Availability of active transportation options and parking  
  • Presence of foot/vehicle traffic  
  • Terrain and park surfacing 
  • Proximity to seating areas 

If you have suggestions for improvements to accessibility, please contact us at