Why Work as a Region?

Most citizens in the region don’t necessarily see ‘municipal boundaries’ or which municipality is delivering services, they simply care that quality services are available at a reasonable cost. Therefore, the challenge for municipal leaders is to deliver quality services to the region as seamlessly as possible.

We know this is how we get more done with your valuable tax dollar. Firefighters respond to emergencies in neighbouring communities, municipalities offer shared services like Leduc Transit (a partnership between the City of Leduc and Leduc County) and communities pool their resources to buy shared equipment or build shared facilities.

For example, Leduc County and the City of Leduc recognized a regional need and came together to build the Leduc Recreation Centre in 2009. It is regional success stories like these that prove that our regional citizens benefit from municipalities working together.

The Leduc Sub-region has also been working together for years on successfully delivering services through alternative methods like the Capital Region Southwest Water Services Commission, Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission, Leduc and District Regional Waste Authority and Leduc Regional Housing Foundation.

While Leduc has seen many successes through regional initiatives and partnerships with its neighbours, being REGIONAL has now evolved into something much more.

  • Citizens want more quality services and the best value for their tax dollars
  • Other levels of government see the need for collaboration amongst municipalities
  • Funding dollars increasingly require evidence of collaboration and partnership

Being committed to regional collaboration means that all partners see some benefit. We work together more and compete less. We pool resources. We don’t jeopardize our neighbours. We all share the benefits.