Applying for a Business Licence

Any person carrying on business within the City of Leduc requires a valid City of Leduc Business Licence, unless specifically exempted by Provincial or Federal law.

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Business Licence Fees

Fees for business licences are outlined in the Fees & Charges Bylaw. If you apply for a business licence after August 31, the fee for the rest of the year will be 50% of the fee. Fees can be waived upon proof of charitable or non-profit status.

Applying for a business licence

Apply for a City of Leduc Business Licence. Depending on the nature of the application, we might require more information. If this is the case, our Business Licence Administrator will contact you.

Business Categories

Category Description
General Businesses based within the City of Leduc in a Commercial or Industrial Land Use Classification.
Resident (Home-based) Businesses based out of a residential dwelling within the City of Leduc.
Non-resident Businesses based outside of the City of Leduc limits.
Mobile Businesses that operate out of temporary structure, display or stand (location-specific for each licence). Eg. corn stand, food truck at special event, temporary windshield repair, etc. Mobile businesses require landowner permission to be submitted with the application. 
Non-profit or charitable organization Non-profit or charitable organization based within the City of Leduc. 

For more information

If you require a more in-depth list of applications and information pertaining to operating a business, see the Business Licence Tool, created by the Government of Alberta.

You may also download our Business Licence Brochure, or contact the Business Licence Administrator within Planning & Development at 780-980-8427 or email